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A jeep of course! Petters latest project is Jungle Jeeps, where you can rent a jeep!

Also follow his jeep-madness on




Our feet best friends: Birkenstocks!




In less then two weeks we’re trading this jungle island life to big city island life in and checking in on PARKROYAL on Pickering in Singapore.
I’m so stoked. Super grateful for any tips on cool bars, restaurants and shops, please leave a comment if you got a tip of what we can’t miss!!




South coast of Sri Lanka is having it’s prime time right now but I can’t help to think of the loooong rights of Arugam Bay..



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Wanna look as effortless cool as Sienna Miller with a high bun on my head.  




Said Frantz Fanon.


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The Peplum Dress by Sri Lankan brand Maus. You can find it in PR Store in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The woman who runs the shop,
who also is the designer behind Maus, is super friendly and I’m sure she can ship anywhere in the world! Just bought two more..
Annika was kind enough to send them via special delivery to Galle! Wonder which one’s gonna come with me to Singapore..



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“Meningen med hela skiten” by Nina Åkestam. Because you can get anxiety and life crisis in paradise too..



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OMG, this has to be a “semla”. I have been so temped by all f*ckin social media updates of “semlor”. Read more about the swedish phenomenon here.




 The Be Good Tanya’s version of For the turnstiles



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 Got to be Tant Johanna, by Johanna Bradford. Love her style and find her blog and also Pinterest to be a huge source of inspiration!
This “Monthly list” is her idea and I decided it was fun to try it out, see her February list here. 


When grandpa and grandma came to the island

Traveling the world involves a lot of good byes and leaving wonderful places and people behind. This year has been different, this year we’ve been the ones that waved good bye to a bunch of lovely people from our doorstep. It’s been amazing to have so many cool, interesting and inspiring people visiting us.

The honor guest was my grand father and grand mother. My grand father is someone I always looked up to very much, he’s a very cool dude. Soon to be 80 years old and traveled to more continents than me. I’m so grateful that he came all the way to Sri Lanka to tell me some good stories by the pool, make us delicious GT’s and explore our new home here.









Grandpa & Claery stayed at The Jetwing Lighthouse. We were more than happy to visit them there and get spoiled with dips in the pool and good food.


The Lighthouse by Jetwing has one of the biggest Spa Ceylon stores I’ve seen. Spa Ceylon is a favorite when it comes to oils, soaps and lotions. And in my grandpas room there was a BATHTUB! I was so stoked to take my first bath in 5 months…


The BBQ-buffet on Saturdays is something I can really recommend, way better than The Fortress.



One day we met up in Galle to shop, stroll around and have a fika.


An other day Claery and me got mani and pedis at the Galle Fort Spa. Claery is not my “real” grandma, but the closest to a real one I’ll ever get! And don’t we look a little bit similar? At least in our black dresses!





Thank you so much for coming!! I really appreciate that you came half a cross the world to see us and our new home. Can’t wait for midsummer in Dalarna and all your good food!


The best 6 year anniversary ever

We’ve been together six years. I could write about how the time fly-ing, and how it don’t feel like a long time. But when I think back about the years and all the things we’ve done it feels more like a lifetime, in only six years… We graduated from high school, we travelled and conquered the globe, we started the blog, we got awesome blog sponsors, we started our companies, we worked six summers in the restaurant, we did more amazing travels, we shot weddings, made websites, ate awesome food, surfed, we moved to malmö, became möllan citizens, ate falafels every day, we started the uni, we surfed and ate more good stuff, we built the cabin, moved back to torekov, started farmers market, we moved to sri lanka to surf and yoga ever day.. And here we are, and the fun fun journey continues!

We spent this anniversary in Galle Fort and spoiled ourself in luxury meals and spa massage treatments

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7847

Meal no 1, the amazing fish cakes at Rasi & Catherines great Old Railway Café

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7798

We took a tukki to the fort and walked up these stairs.. To Galle Fort Spa!

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7841
Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7825

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_2739

Linn got mani, pedi & eye lash tint with this view, and I got a full body deep tissue massage that was AWESOME

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7812

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7820
Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7830Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7855

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7866

H A P P Y   G I R L  <3

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7908

Walked down the stairs again to ground floor, time for meal no 2 at Poonies kitchen. A really cozy café in a small courtyard, with amaazing cakes

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7891

To quote the menu – The best carrotcake ever !!

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7873

The coffe was not very good, but the balinese coconut sugar and the chocolate brownie made up for it big time

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7875

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_2751

Highlight of the day was this message on the jeep by our friends Brie & Jak

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7911

Evening stroll down the streets in the fort

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7923
Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7918

Cocktail time at The Livingroom by TPV

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7924

The funkiest bar ever… This place is run by three gay swedish interior designers that moved to Sri Lanka, you can tell they are some fun interior designers by the styling of this place

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7937

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7959

and the shirts that the men working there were wearing

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7951

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7974

Unfortunatly the most boring cocktail list in the world.. can’t believe this place can call themselfes a cocktail bar

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7940

Linn is not saying nice things about this drink

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7987

And neither did I. Honestly it must have been the worst cocktail I’ve ever had, and it was their signature drink…

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7996

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7962

Still I must say the funky interior and the over all wierd vibe made it a cool experience

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7968

We continued our day of luxury by walking down the road to Amangalla, the oldest hotel on Sri Lanka, and probably the most luxury hotel on Sri Lanka as well

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_7912

STAR STRUCK by this place

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8006

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8003

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_2822

We love to eat. And drink. Understood?

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8019

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8023

Our very kind private waitor

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8029

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8031

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8034

I think this image sums up this three course dinner, and the day it self quite well. Here’s for another 6 years love!

Sri Lanka-galle-fort-spa-old-railway-cafe-petter-linn-anniversary-amangalla-hote-ptv-the-livingroom-IMG_8037

Misty morning

This morning was so foggy you couldn’t even see the waves in the ocean. So we decided to just take a walk along the railroad and take a glimpse of the simple and beautiful life people live in this village. The railroad works more as a road for walking than a road for trains. There’s only that few trains coming through but it’s enough to keep it an open space trough the thick jungle. The houses along the railroad even have their entrances towards it. We watched as parents got ready to go to work, and kids getting ready to catch the school bus. Most hosues are not more than 30 square meters big, that’s like 100 square ft. Most of them are not made of more than a few concrete blocks and a plastic ceiling. Still they house bigger families than you can imagine. The plots are small, but many times big enough so that the kids can build their house right next to their parents, brothers and sisters. So this village just as most villages are just a big cluster of houses sitting right next to each other, going on for miles and miles, with the smallest concrete streets winding around them through the jungle. A few of the houses are from the colonial times, looking really beautiful but still kind of getting lost to the jungle due to bad maintenance. I can imagine when the times when they were the only houses around. People that afford taking care of their buildings often paint them in bright colors of yellow, pink and green. This morning just like every morning the monks in the nearby temple shanted beautifully as the sun was rising, they use loud speakers so that the whole village will hear. Beautiful huh?

This morning was so foggy you couldn’t even see the waves in the ocean. So we decided to just take a walk along the railroad

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9507

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9473

walking through the mist as the monks are shanting at the nearby temple, beautiful huh?

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-3085

we watched as parents got ready to go to work, and kids getting ready to catch the school bus. i took this kids picture, she loved it and ran to her parents to tell them, so i asked her if i could email the photo to her, and she said, yes, just tell the post office, ahangama – near gas station – they will now… erhm, OK.

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9550

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9530

A few of the houses are from the colonial times, looking really beautiful but still kind of getting lost to the jungle due to bad maintenance. I can imagine when the times when they were the only houses around

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9551

Most houses are not more than 30 square meters big, that’s like 100 square ft, with simple plastic or metal used as roof

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9556

a typical sri lankan home, that’s compact eco living right there, only that they want to live like us, and we are chasing the life and knowledge to live just as they still are

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9562

light switch to one of the street lights, we haven’t figured out completely how it works, but I think every street have their responsibility to turn it on and off, or maybe there is someone that goes up and down all the streets on sri lanka turning them on and off, either way I just love these kind of solutions, they are not perfect in any way, but they are simple and yet working some way or another

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9565

one of our neighbours, they live in a really nice but worn down colonial house

Sri Lanka-Railroad-Ahangama-Midigama-Galle-Road-Train-Sunrise-Blog-9570