Yala Safari

One morning Cailin packed the whole yoga retreat in a van headed towards the wild east! Just below the Arugam Bay area is Yala national park so it’s really similar nature wise to Arugam bay, only protected completely from development.  Yala nationalpark is huuuge. We saw everything from elephants, to GREEN BIRDS to believe it or not, a leopard! Altough I wasn’t able to get an image it was out there in the dusk light running around. Another fun fun day on Lanka with shared with a group of fun people!

Golden Buddha yoga retreat sri lanka


We just came back from Cailins Golden Buddha Yoga 10 day retreat here on Sri Lanka. It was really amazing. 10 days packed with loads of powerful and amazing yoga, meditations, surf, food and so much fun. She’d found the most awesome location to host the retreat at, Stella Villa, situated just in front of one of my favorite waves on this island, Madiha. Se had flown in Brie, a talanted raw food chef that amazed us with delicious vegetarian and raw food meals every day and we got so inspired to tap into some raw food cooking as the ingredients on this island is great for it. Here’s a bunch of random images from the retreat. Thanks a lot every one that made this experience amazing and hug thumbs up to cailin for mind blowing experiences!

arriving to the villa brie had cooked up a huge breakfast that we had before diving in the pool and the waves

linn finally got her pink hearted bing log!! huge thanks to brie and jak who brought it with them from the states

Sri Lanka-Golden-Buddah-Yoga-Retreat-Madiha-Villa-Stella-Cailin-Callahan-IMG_6131

right after breakfast and unpacking linns board we walked down the palm tree garden and jumped in the perfect surf right in front of the villa, talk about surf front

this wave is like a machine, it’s just insane

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_6086

cailins yoga is full power, beeing in the hardest posture she can be like – look to the person in front of you and shout, your are powerful and amazing, or something like, we are all freaks, today we will wave our freak flags high, just shout out whatever you feel like, at any time

during the week we shared so many laughs and fun moments around the big table, always full of food amazingness from brie and the sri lankan chefs at the villa, they were on it

keep eyes and ears open, there will be more stories from this week

Backflips, burgers & sushi

Nisse & Ingela run the local fish shop where we live in Sweden and they were here to visit us so we took them down to our favorite fish market in Dondra. It’s a big harbor and every morning the boats come in and sell fresh fish right on the concrete. This is where you can get the best deals. The giant 200 pund tunas go to Japan or Europe and actually it’s what Nisse sell in his shop, Sri Lankan tuna fillet.

After that we went surfing at our fav beach break. After the surf we headed over for lunch at a new place in Mirissa called Zephyr. They are a bit more pricey than other places but has a more westernized menu which is really nice to get sometimes to mix things up. We went for burgers and passionfruit Mojitos.

Rainclouds started to form so we headed back home right in time. So much rain poured down that the courtyard almost turned in to a swimming pool. Time to prepare the nights dinner, SUSHI! Nisse thought me how to fillet the fish and then we made our best to cut thin sashimi pieces of it with the worst knifes ever. Anyway, things were so fresh it didn’t really matter. SOO GOOD.

PS. We are trying a new way to showcase images from long awesome days like this. Do you like it? Please share in the comments.

Lazy left

Back surfing at Lazy left! This left hand point break get’s a lot of love and hate from us. Love when it provides a hollow take off and it’s long lazy lines for us to noseride or cut back on. It does that especially good on some swells and sometimes it just doesn’t provide any shoulder at all, that’s hate i guess. Love when we’er a crew sharing it and having fun and all different types of surf crafts, longboard, shortboard, whatever board.. It’s a relatively kind wave with an easy paddle out, so there’s a lot of people that paddle out that really shouldn’t be at a point break. Hate that. Especially hate when it’s get crowded with beginners, as it does in dec/jan and everybody get washed by the inside of the first set wave and then ruin set after set. Love the mellow vibe that Midigama has, the town where the wave is located. Hate that some Colombo dude is building something big and ugly just in front of it.. But love always wins over hate, right?

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_4180

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_6870

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_4356

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_4534-2

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_4273-2

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_4418

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_4445

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_4143

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_3880

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_3349

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_6837

Sri Lanka-Lazy Left-Rams-Midigama-Surfing-Surf-Wave-Pointbreak-Longboard-Sunshinestories-IMG_3803