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About us

Thursday 08/10/09 17:57 by Petter and Linn

Sunshinestories is an ongoing blog project by Petter & Linn. It follow them as they discover their path in life. They believe in simple things, such as discovering new places, creative people and things, or the joy of riding waves on a surfboard.

We started this blog at the very moment we got together, we decided to leave our homes and safety barriers, leave Sweden, pack our bags and just go. So we did, we bought a one way ticket and left, ended up going back and forth for three years. The blog was our connection with ourselfs, our roots back home, and most importanly, the people and excperienses we encountered along the way. We discovered what’s important in life. All those simple things people seem to forget in the modern rat race society. We met incredible people and made their stories into sunshinestories on our site. We discovered our passion for the sea, we started surfing, we started surfing every day, and kind of found happiness in the simple joy of riding waves. As the blog got recognized around the world we started to get sponsorships from companies that share the same lifestyle we do.

Today we live in Malmö, it’s an urban city in the south of Sweden. We are studying Media & Communication / Information architecture at the University of Malmö. We travel often and if not we are surfing the cold waters surrounding us.

This is our story.

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