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I feel it in my bones

Friday 15/02/13 21:41 by Linn




The other day it hit me that this is the first February we spend in Sweden in 4 years.. It’s cold. It’s dark. A February in the north could make anyone depressed. If you ever thinking of visiting Malmö, Sweden, don’t do it in February. Drinking hot chocolate and going through forgotten gigabytes of  sunny photos cheers me up a bit. Mexican ocean, yellow nails and palm trees!

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Island life

Sunday 03/02/13 21:24 by Linn

I miss the island life.. No trubles, no worries, waves, good food, sweet people. I think the island life is the best of lives..

Some fun surf and then back to a good book. Holy pineapple, that life seems very far away right now..

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Hot and Glassy

Thursday 31/01/13 10:24 by Linn

Longing ourslefes away to hot water again by looking at hot & glassy.. How can you not. Thank’s Salt Surf for sharing. And thank’s again Kurdoroy for making these nice little reminders, they really lighten up gray cold winter days in Sweden, a lot.

Hot and Glassy – Sea Movies from on Vimeo.

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from summer to winter

Tuesday 22/01/13 09:21 by Linn

This is it. Our last morning on Sri Lanka. We did more in one morning than we’ve done during the whole trip.

We bought, Sri Lankan spices to bring home, we bought presents for our family, we bought pillow covers for our travel pillows, we settled our one month bill at the hotel, we booked the airport taxi, we interviewed two persons, exhanged photos, did yoga, made a yoga video with Lyndon, sayd hi and goodbye to everyone we ran into and I (Petter) even had time to get in the water for a 15mins and catch a barrel while my breakfast was getting cooked.

This is what one week have been like in our Sri Lankan manana pace. But it’s proboably for the better that we start to raise our pace in time til we are back in Sweden.

I just had to go in, so ordered my breakfast and jumped in at the point, just in front of the restaurant and cought like 3 or 4 waves while the breakfast was getting cooked. Believe it or not but this tine one bowled up just perfectly on the inside. My last wave of the trip. Got out of the water, Linn was happy as she got the pic, I was super stoked and my eggs and my coffe were just ready. So perfect.

After breakfast we did a really fast interview with Johan. It’s been so fun to hang out with him and his girlfriend, Linn the second one.

Did one with Lyndon as well, he is the yogi that has showed us into the harmoni of yoga.

Packed in the car about to go and this whole audience showed up to whish us farewell.. So hard to leave. Bye guys!

Then finally, we got on the highway towards Colombo. This straight asfalt road is what’s going to change the country in no time making travel times more than 5 times faster in some cases.. Can you imagine that? What takes 5 hours today will only take 1 when everything is completed. We are so used to this infrastructure at home and in Thailand and lots of otter places but on Sri Lanka it just haven’t existed, until just now..

Caught an amazing sunset at the airport.

Sri Lanka is supposed to be easy to get to from sweden, there is direct flights that take you there in no time, but we booked so late and got a 21 hour flight home, with 10 of them beeing a stop over in Doha.. Here we go.

Even though we are on our way back, it’s such an awesome feeling sitting on an airplane going somewhere. Love it.

Finally in CPH. Beeing stoked to live close to the airport at least!! That’s the best. We live right next to the city tunnel station in central Malmö, so Copenhagen airport is only 17 minues away, and like 20 to our door step. At this moment that means just about 2o minutes until we are home!!

Going over the bridge between Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden).

Hey winter..

We just had to buy something to eat while walking home, what’s better than a Swedish pizza!?

Celebrated our homecoming with a nice bootle of wine we picked up at the airport, the pizza ofc, and some pepparkakor!

Such a weird feeling to get back. Always is. But we are used to getting back in spring and now it’s full winter. Maybe it’s even harder to appreciate for us since we just arrived from another world, and now how warm and easy it is over there. Still, one of the best things with coming home is the feeling of thankfullness for what we got at here, it is a really nice place even if it’s a little cold and dark a couple of months, but it has it’s charm as well.

And thanks everyone for following on this adventure, it’s been awesome to have you guys with us!

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the day before the last day

Saturday 19/01/13 09:43 by Linn

This is sadly but truthfully the day before the last day of this trip.

While the surf was small and crowded in Hikkaduwa we decided to go for a day trip and look for something else. For an airconditioned van with driver we payed 5500+500 rupies tip for all of us, that’s 300 SEK (aprox. 43USD) for 4 persons for a full 12 hour day trip. Can’t complain at all!

Our driver was a realxed guy, driving slowly and with no intentions of driving us anywhere we didn’t ask for – a biiig plus.

No guns allowed in this van, another +.

Midigama and the Lazy left.. A small day. About head high on the outside breaking for more than 200 meters until the inside, 2-3 people in the water when the photo was shot.

Went to look at some more spots.

Ram’s right. I only thought it was a right hander, but the left hander was working really well. Me and Johan the only ones going for the lefts all morning. Barrels and reef-eating was included.


Sri Lankan’s are as on many places around, not allowed.. Bullshit. This place was also really dirty and discusting, look for something else if you want to stay or eat down here.

Headed over to Lazy Left, it’s just on the other side of the reef. Today it wasn’t lazy as it was barelling even more over there! Everyone went out together and all of us cought more waves than on any other session, just laughing and having fun as the wind stayed off shore until the afternoon. 7 people in the water as the most.

Linn was noseriding & me and Johan went for the barrels on the inside again. Best session of the trip.

Beeing surf out we headed over to posh and luxury Galle fort to have lunch!

We had lunch at Pedlar’s Inn, nr1 on tripadvisor in Galle. Pretty expensive and average but nice with some different stuff on the menu than on the usual beach food. We wanted to relax, have a taste of luxury and drink some afternoon beers, but believe it or not but they didn’t have beer!! So we ended up with a bottle of water each..

Stoked crew heading back to Hikkaduwa.

Johan had a jam on Vibration hotel for our last night. So awesome & people loved it! He even improvised a song for the day we spent together, haha. Best day before the last day ever.

The hotel owners joined us with a bottle of Arrack, or Arrack-Attack as they call it!

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Vibration Party

Friday 18/01/13 00:03 by Linn

Finally we went to the friday night party at Vibration! We have been either ill or to out surfed every friday, exept this one! We live at Vibration which isn’t only the best hotel in Hikkaduwa both when it comes to room standards as well as room rates, it is also the best nightclub! People come from Colombo, 5 hours away, and sometimes even India, to party at Vibration!

First some evening surf, then party until laate.

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