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more pura vida

Wednesday 04/07/12 10:38 by Linn

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a life in Costa Rica

Tuesday 03/07/12 15:16 by Linn

Once upon a time in Costa Rica life was all about waves, food, relaxing, food and waves. At first we didn’t plan to go to Costa Rica at all, we heard it was expensive, crowded, Americanized and so on.. And yes it was. But you can always make it to whatever you want! Even in Thailand you can find villages where they haven’t seen a “falang”. We got a ride with the land lord to the store where the Costa Rican locals bought their food and we bought what was cheap: fruits. We managed to rent a beautiful house that we got a really good deal on and when our hair began to look like hobo’s and we had no hairdresser in sight we cut each others hair. Simple as that! And then add some marshmallows..

Action sports, Costa Rica, Surfing & Longboarding


looking back: neighbors

Sunday 17/06/12 18:04 by Linn

After just a couple of days on this beach we started to recognize some people who also came everyday, we said Hi and Hola and after a while we started to talk. It was the girl with the hula hoop, the family with the cute blonde kids, the beautiful mum and the baby, the fishermens, the body board girls, the old longboarder and a couple of other nice persons. One morning we made a date with family with the cute blonde kids; Peter, Truly and Normandie, we were gonna met at sunset and make a bond fire. Some other neighbors came by and we stayed until the sun was long gone and the moon and mosquitos came around.

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looking back: living on the beach

Saturday 16/06/12 14:56 by Linn

An afternoon in paradise. Wow, I miss those sunsets..

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looking back: a costa rican friday

Tuesday 05/06/12 11:07 by Linn

This is how a Friday could look in Costa Rica, if I was lucky and Petter unlucky.. We found a beach with waves for us both and since we spend two weeks there we got to see how it looked like with both big and small swell. I preferred the small..


Chill days, Costa Rica, Surfing & Longboarding


Hello paradise!

Wednesday 25/04/12 02:57 by Petter

We saw a video of a perfect beach break somewhere in Costa Rica. Since then we have been looking for it, and by the help of fellow travelers and surfers we thought we knew where it was. And it must be, right here. And it’s just as good, just as beautiful and just as awesome.

Costa Rica, Surfing & Longboarding

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