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We are seeking those of you who want to make your passion your job, and your job your passion. If you have thorough experience surf coaching, are a social genius, marketing mastermind, love healthy cooking, passionate yoga teacher, or simply great at managing people or businesses and want to live on a tropical island for a while – then we might have your next dream job.

You will be based on a lush paradise island in not only one of the best surfing destinations in the world, but also a very interesting region of Sri Lanka, with an amazing culture. You will have the possibility to surf, join daily yoga classes, and be part of an inspiring community.

The majority of our positions are for 6 month terms, which means we are continuously searching for the next person to join our family. When you send in your application, let us know exactly when you are available so that we can assess a potential start date.

Current Job Openings

The positions is either at Sunshinestories or at our sister company Ceylon Sliders.

General Manager Receiving applications 1 year minimum
Front House manager Receiving applications 1 year minimum
Head Chef Receiving applications 1 year minimum
Head Surf Coach Currently filled 1 year minimum
Surf Coach Receiving applications 6 months
Kitchen Assistant Receiving applications 6 months
Social Host Receiving applications 6 months
Yoga Teacher Receiving applications 6 months
Marketing Executive Receiving applications 6 months
Photographer Receiving applications 6 months
Cinematographer Receiving applications 6 months

Work at sunshinestories-srilanka

If you think you have the qualifications and would like to call Sri Lanka your home for the nearest future, please read on.


As a Head Coach at Sunshinestories you will be responsible for the whole surfing side of retreat.


  • Hiring and managing staff
  • Coaching surf coaches
  • Upkeeping and improving coaching methodology and standards
  • Plan the week according to guests’ surf level and surf conditions
  • Lead daily surf theory courses
  • In water surf lessons
  • Daily video analysis
  • In charge of safety, equipment, and local politics and relations within the beach community


You are promoting all kinds of surf craft with an open mind and teaching with the same mindset. You are breathing and living surfing to your fullest through your whole lifestyle and love sharing it with to others!

We are expecting you to be energetic and result-driven, be a good team player and leader, and always put the company’s vision and ethos first. You must be able to lead, coach, inspire, support and motivate your team, and always seeking to improve best practices.




Who You Are:

You are an experienced surfer. You will need to hold an advanced surf teaching certification, as well as lifeguarding certification. You have great respect of the ocean and keeping students safe and sound. You have worked several years as a surf teacher, it is not an extra gig, it is your profession. You are always continuing your own surfing development and analyzing your own surfing in order to progress. You have a great understanding of not only the fundamentals of surfing, but also what is needed to perform advanced maneuvers and surf in heavy conditions. You can surf a wide range of boards, longboard as well as shortboard and adjust your teaching to both.

You understand how to communicate very technical aspects of surfing with ease, in an understandable and logical way, and are always encouraging your students to have lots of fun along the way. You are not only a good learner yourself, but also a great teacher.

Presenting lessons in a comprehensive manner and using visual/audio means to facilitate learning. You are adept at providing individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning. You know how to both create and distribute educational content. You are technical with computers and are able to manage camcorders, edit, and lead video analysis sessions for your students. You assess and record students progress and provide feedback. You are dedicated to teach people surfing no matter what level they are.


You will have to keep your surf coaches motivated, resolve conflicts and make hard decisions for your team. You can’t be everyone’s friend, you’re a manager, you have previous experience of leading staff and have an understanding of how to delegate responsibilities and get your team to do a great work.

Surf coach Jen of SunshinestoriesSURF COACH


  • Lead daily in-water surf lessons
  • Video analysis
  • Provide surf theory classes
  • Assist head surf coach on various projects
  • Fluent in English

Who You Are:


An avid surf teacher that holds the necessary ISA or similar surf teaching certificate, including the necessary lifeguard training. You have worked with surf teaching for a minimum of one continuous year, if not longer. You feel comfortable at leading up to 5 students through a week of surf sessions, in water guidance and video analysis sessions. You are continuously developing your own surfing and can yourself perform advanced maneuvers on various types of surfboards, long and short. You are also a good communicator and know how to explain technical aspects to someone that has never surfed before in a fun and interactive way. You are not afraid to stand in front of people and teach surfing, not only in the ocean but also in the classroom. You are open to surf all kinds of surf craft and really enjoy every time you get to go in the ocean and play. You are a responsible surfer and take great precautions to keep your students safe.


Working as a front house manager you will need to have a passion for working with people, be a master of solving problems and be able to organize the work for you and your team.



  • Creating and upholding and experience for the guests – as defined by the company
  • Being on call at all times
  • Operations of the property, schedules, staff, and guests
  • Chat and socialize with the guests
  • Manage bookings, emails
  • Plan events
  • Generate new ideas on how to improve the business
  • Lead a team of staff, including motivational tactics
  • Be able to make hard decisions for employees
  • Interacting with guests on a daily basis

Who You Are:

You will be taking your own responsibility over your work with little guidance from management, making sure deadlines are kept and results and goals are reached. You must be able to see the big picture as well as the finer details, as your work is across the spectrum. You will deal in small daily matters, as well as larger aims and setting goals. A systematic organized approach to work is equally vital as an outgoing and people pleasing approach. We are expecting you to be energetic and results driven, be a good team player and leader, and always put the company’s vision and ethos first. You must be able to lead, coach, inspire, support and motivate your team, and always seeking to improve best practice.

Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_6544YOGA INSTRUCTOR


  • Lead 2 yoga sessions per day – At 6 AM and 4 PM
  • Yoga alliance teaching certificate, minimum RYT200
  • Fluent in English
  • Provide references from yoga studios you have taught at
  • Minimum 2 years of previous full-time teaching experience

Who You Are:

An inspiring soul that is living and breathing yoga. You have great self awareness and self confidence in your own presence which will spread in your classes. You are a leader and a learner. You are always progressing and evolving within your own yoga practice. You are not only teaching yoga but also waking up before class to do your own self practice. You will guide a group of yogis through a week of practice, setting up the classes in a way in which they will go on a journey through the world of yoga as well as reaching a personal goal by the end of the week. You will give every student personal attention during your classes, but also after classes.


Get great work experience at a start-up company in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Being a social host at Sunshinestories is unlike any other job. With this position you are responsible for the guest experience when guests are not on surf lessons or doing yoga.


  • Creating the guest experience while guests are not surfing or in yoga sessions
  • Engage with new group every week by making them feel welcome and part of an experience
  • Hanging out with the guests
  • Work and pleasure are one in the same, meaning you won’t have normal work hours
  • Must love being around people and sharing your time
  • Communicate clearly and professionally, as both guests and staff will be dependent on your work
  • Hours and workload can change depending on the season and guest influx
  • Planning week schedule with the house manager
  • Organize transfers, daily transportation and excursions for guests
  • Host dinners and excursions
  • Manage office work
  • Simple accounting
  • Fluency in English – both written and spoken

Who You Are:

You will need to have a big passion for people and engage with the group every week and make them feel welcome and part of the experience. You won’t have time to sit back and relax while telling other people what to do or just let the guests hang out by themselves. There won’t be a big difference between work and pleasure and there won’t be normal work hours. You will need to love being around people and enjoy sharing your time with them! If you do that this will be the best job in the world.

surfkurs_kristin_lagerqvist-9202HEAD CHEF

We are searching for a Head Chef to lead the team at our sister company, Ceylon Sliders located in Weligama.You will need to have a big passion for food, love to innovate new dishes and experiment with new flavors. If you are interested in food and you can lead a team in an organized way, this job could be perfect for you.


  • Lead a team of staff to efficiently run a cafe
  • Understand and generate a menu focused on healthy cooking using local produce
  • Utilize good leadership skills
  • Work calmly and quickly under pressure
  • Control a budget

Who You Are:

To get into this job you will need experience in a professional kitchen, running your own section. You will need to have experience making food from all sorts of kitchens, vegan and raw as well as meat and fish, you will need to be able to mix Western, Asian, American and Scandinavian cooking styles. You will think it’s exciting to work with local produce and reduce the food waste and use of plastic products by researching and finding foods that are ethically produced. You will think creatively around food and love to do eye catching dishes and at the same time be able to deliver consistent results every day.

  • Passionate about the kind of food that we want to prepare
  • Innovative and creative in your cooking
  • A good leader and team player
  • Experienced working in a professional kitchen
  • Experienced running your own section in a professional kitchen
  • Good at organizing and delegating work

Head chef job sri lanka


As a Kitchen Assistant at Sunshinestories, you will be working in a stressful and challenging environment that is both creative and innovative. It’s good if you can think creatively around food and love to do eye catching dishes.


  • Work quickly and calmly under pressure
  • Work alongside Head Chef in executing preparing meals
  • Washing, peeling, preparing food items
  • Using variety of kitchen equipment – mixers, special knives, and cutters
  • Unloading deliveries
  • Organising storeroom
  • Washing kitchen appliances, work surfaces, floors and walls

Who You Are:

  • Passionate for the kind of food that we want to prepare
  • Experienced working in a restaurant, a kitchen or within the hospitality sector
  • Able to carry out tasks quickly and competently
  • Able to pick up detailed instructions quickly and follow them closely
  • A team player
  • Good spoken English communication skills

photographer-sunshinestories-sri lankaPHOTOGRAPHER OR CINEMATOGRAPHER

We are constantly working with photographers, cinematographers and other content creators on a collaborative basis. We provide a quite unique work place to grow your portfolio and following. Together we work on various projects such as shooting surfers from our team, food, interior, adventures or whatever. With our team of creatives, and the backdrop of fun waves and other things to do, there’s no boundaries. We are always looking for cool creatives so shoot us an email and we’ll plan something!



  • Execution of creative ideas behind a shoot
  • Performing a professional shoot with lifestyle, portrait, and landscape photography
  • Ability to edit photos based on branded style guidelines
  • Experience in surf/adventure photography
  • Ability to work strenuous, nonconventional hours
  • Provide edited content on an immediate basis


Who You Are:

  • Have experienced, high level of professional work in either photography or cinematography
  • Are able to carry out tasks independently, quickly, and competently with instructions
  • Have a style that suits our brand
  • Have your own gear (camera, tripods, etc.)
  • A robust social media following and influencer status is a plus, but not required

marketing-exectutive-jobMARKETING EXECUTIVE

You will need to have previous experience of marketing and communications and a good insight in the travel and surf market. You will need to be able to work with everything from PR, content production, social media to adobe programs, search engine optimization and copywriting.



  • Using different platforms and channels to communicate brand values that include blog posts, newsletters, press, blogger relationships, search engines, ads, print, reviews, and more.
  • Coming up with new ideas on how to communicate our brand
  • Create and execute marketing plans and strategy

Who You Are:

You are an energetic and results driven individual. You’ll be taking your own responsibility over your work with little guidance from management, making sure deadlines are kept and results and goals are reached. Requirements are excellent written English proficiency, great social skills, knowledge in planning and organizing, as well excellent communication skills.


As our Marketing Manager you will lead a team of content creators and help our brands to reach people.


  • Generate new ideas on brand communication
  • Execute marketing plans and strategies
  • Delegating tasks to other employees
  • Communicate through multiple platforms including blogs, newsletters, press, influential bloggers, search engines, ads, print, reviews and more
  • Previous marketing management experience is required
  • Good insight or background within the surf and travel market
  • Knowledge with PR, content production, social media platforms, Adobe programs, search engine optimization, and copywriting
  • The ability to efficiently lead a team

Who You Are:

You are an energetic and results driven individual. You take responsibility for your work and are able to self-manage with little guidance from management. You keep deadlines and achieve results and goals on a regular basis. Requirements are proficiency in written English, great social skills, management skills, knowledge in planning and organizing, as well excellent communication skills.


Please submit your application to

To make sure your application won’t get lost in our inbox, please put the position you are applying for as the subject of your email: “SURF COACH” or “HEAD SURF COACH” or “YOGA TEACHER” etc.

We only reply to complete applications providing the following:

  • Can come for the time required
  • Provide time frame of when you are available (start and end date)
  • Include a CV with contacts of references, previous employers, and a photo of yourself
  • A personal letter (who are you and why you want to work for us)
  • Are fluent in English
  • Send links to your social media pages (Instagram/Facebook)
  • Send imagery and video of yourself surfing (Surf Coaches)

It may take time for us to review your application. However, we are constantly hiring new staff so as long as you have sent in an application we will notify you as soon as there’s an opening.

Thank you!