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Nope, we’re not talking about Las Vegas

Playing bingo on the sand strip
Nope, we’re not talking about Las Vegas

When one talks about the things beach goers usually do on the sand, a long list of activities comes into mind. There is the usual beach bumming, sun bathing and beach photography, and there are also the extreme ones such as surfing, parasailing and jet skiing. But a new activity is recently making waves to become summer’s most popular card game: beach bingo.

Playing bingo on the beach isn’t a new phenomenon. “Beach Bingo,” a variant of the famous traveling game Travel Bingo is a popular beach bumming activity where one searches for random stuff like ‘yellow sunglasses,’ ‘black and white sand bucket’ and ‘sun tan lotion’ that are all written down on a bingo card. Whoever crosses out the most number of searches on the card wins. Playing Beach Bingo, however, can sometimes be messy especially when huge waves start to pounce your way, soaking yourselves and your paper cardboards with saltwater.

If Beach Bingo isn’t your thing, playing online bingo is another option to enjoy this world-famous card game. Thanks to the installation of WiFi networks by beach resorts along the many shoreline areas of the world, online bingo can now be played right at one’s fingertips through smartphones and tablet computers. There are bingo games available on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, with some of them even specializing in social connectivity. has put Cheeky on Twitter to be able to keep in touch with fans, promoting competitions and swapping gossip with their players, and Bingo Bash even rewards its players for inviting friends who play the game. When you happen to seclude yourself from the rest of the world by picking a no-WiFi beach resort, you may still download and install bingo applications beforehand on your iOS or Android tablets.

Whether you choose old school or the social app, playing bingo on the beach has never been this easy and fun. It becomes more challenging and exciting when you play with family and friends, so try check it out!

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