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The benefits that the massage therapy can have on surfing are pretty amazing, with the treatments tailored to the week of surf&yoga we are able to explore a deeper connection with the whole experience


The connection between mind, body and the sea

You are The Sea’s ethos and lifestyle are all about the connection between mind, body, and sea which we live by at Sunshinestories. We believe that breakthrough moments in life often comes after inspiring experiences, that’s why the massage treatments are tailored specifically to the experience you’ll encounter during your week with Sunshinestories. Our aim is to help to recreate these experiences. We want to encourage the physical and emotional metamorphosis that happens to people when they open to see, explore and challenge.

“You Are The Sea has been made by truly dedicated people who have been touched by the sea and shaped their lives around the teachings of the ocean and nature.”

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The Treatment

1hr 15 min – 100 USD

This therapy aim is to build self-awareness and acceptance of the intrinsic intelligence within the body. Often our physical issues stem from emotional or psychological blockages. We believe that by working consciously throughout the body we can reach breakthrough experiences that will provide a clearer understanding of these issues.

The work itself is abstract and organic, a complex yet unstructured composition where rhythms and intensities are masterfully created. We combine long integrative strokes with detailed deep tissue work, thus allowing the patient to be fully immersed in a continuous, recycling energy flow. Movement is the prime element in the composition. We subtly mix swings, stretches and acrobatic balancing postures. The idea behind this is to trigger the inherent movement patterns that are rooted in the nervous system. In this way the patient can acknowledge structural blockages by observing how their body reacts to different stimulation.

We encourage you to see the challenges that arise from the work in a contemplative way. Many times this experience can trigger memories or feelings associated with different emotional blockages. You are fully guided through the process, which begins with an initial chat about what to expect from the experience. This includes explanations and tips on how to stay present, as well as allowing the body to process and express.

Control is a big issue for western society and we often try to pre-visualize events in our lives so we can react in a measured way. This habit is intensively challenged during the work as we want you to experience the here and now.

Our belief is that the act of being completely surrendered is a truly opening and clarifying experience. The result of the massage can be quite introspective and overwhelming. After the work we spend time together exploring the different sensations and challenges that arose, so as to send you back to the world in the most serene way.

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We strongly believe in cellular memory and a higher universal source of information that lies within nature and our bodies. We particularly believe that artistic expression can be a higher form of communication, it’s a channel to let our true nature and universal information unravel from our rational minds. An artist’s expression can inspire other individuals to see or understand a message through their emotions. In this way it is not only the mind processing the information but also our inherent body intelligence. Our massage is an artistic composition where elements like dance, music, and drama are articulated in a subtle, intuitive way. When the massage session becomes artistic expression and the practitioner tunes in with his inherent organic way of movement, there is higher information being handled, this information is our intuition, our capacity to operate beyond rational perception.

Our massage is an artistic composition where elements like dance, music and drama are articulated in a subtle, intuitive way.

Please note that the treatments are not included in our normal package but you can add them at an extra charge of Rs 14,000 for a 90 minute session. There is limited availability so we highly recommend to book it in advance upon booking your retreat. You don’t need to pay in advance, simply book it and once you are here we can schedule a time that is suitable for you. More than a massage we dare to claim that the treatments are one of a kind and can be quite life-changing.

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(Prices starting at $1099 for one week retreats)