The Food

We source our ingredients locally every day to make the most amazing meals for you. In our backyard, we often fire up our bbq or pizza oven and do some nice backyard dinner parties. Some evenings we will make a reservation and take you out to one of our favorite restaurants in the area.


Sunshinestories has always been about sharing great meals around a big table

We L O V E food! We love it so much, and it’s such a big part of Sunshinestories that you could probably remove the “surf&yoga”, and just run Sunshinestories as a “food retreat”. The reason? Well, one of them is that Petter (one of the founders) have grown up around the tables of his parents’ restaurant in Sweden and worked with restaurants and food ever since. The other that we are so lucky to be able to source our veggies, fruits, fish, and species locally and directly from the markets by the kilo, meaning it’s fresher than you’ll ever imagine. 

Breakfast, lunch, daily tea time and most of the dinners are included in the retreat package. Usually, we serve up a nice breakfast buffet with eggs, buffalo curd, fruit, bread, juices, coffee and tea (Sri Lanka makes the best tea in the world) and some other goodies. There are litte things that vary on a daily basis.

For lunch, our chef normally makes traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry from local ingredients and homemade coconut milk. The Sri Lankan rice and curry are packed with anti-inflammatory spices and herbs. It’s a real treat for your tastebuds and for your body.

There is always some fresh salads and different veggies available, it’s all very healthy, fresh and there is something for everyone.

For dinner you’re in for a real treat. We often fire up our pizza oven and do our famous pizza night in the backyard, the topics are all fresh and you can pick your own. Some nights we turn on the barbecue and put on the freshes gifts of the ocean and some nice veggies. If you liked the curries you’ve had for lunch, we’ll also do a cooking class one of the nights where our chef will teach you all his secrets behind the amazing curries.

We can cater for your dietary requirements, upon booking please mention your allergy or special requirements




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