What’s included?

What is Sunshinestories Retreat?

An intimate and personal retreat designed with a lot of thought and love. Sunshinestories is not only a surf camp, it’s not only a yoga retreat, it’s an entire experience consisting of everything we love: surf, yoga and food; sun, sea and salt; adventures, good vibes and local village life.

Our retreat for anyone who is interested in learning how to surf or do yoga including beginners and more experienced surfers or yogis. Every day we have surf coaching and yoga lessons. You can always decide if you want to join or if you want to skip a class to relax for the day.

We are very proud of our surf coaching. We have developed our own Sunshinestories surf methodology with the goal of giving our guests the tools to becoming great surfers. We don’t just want to get you standing on a board, we want you to leave us with the ability to progress and develop further on your own.

We think surf and yoga is the perfect combination, that’s why we offer them both at our retreat. Yoga helps make us aware of your bodies. As we stretch, we also prepare our minds and set our intentions for the next surf. It is an incredible combination. We provide teacher-led yoga classes twice each day to fit surfers and non-surfers. If you are only want to do yoga, our yoga teacher is always happy to give you a private lessons. There is also a lot of things to do in the area when the rest of the crew is surfing.

We also love good, healthy food! Every breakfast includes fresh tropical fruits, eggs, fresh ground coffee & Ceylon tea. Lunches consist of delicious Sri Lankan rice and curry —  the healthiest, tastiest meals filled with lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Our dinners are prepared in the house are made with love and a lot of fresh seafood and local veggies. The restaurants we choose for dinners out are some of our favourites in the area. What would life be without good food?

What is included in your surf camp?

  • 7 x Nights accommodation: Sunday to Sunday in our Colonial Villa in a shared room
  • 7 x Breakfasts
  • 5 x Lunches
  • 4 x Afternoon tea
  • 5 x Dinners
  • 5 x Sunshinestories surf theory lessons
  • 5 x Sunshinestories surf lessons with surf coaching from certified, on-site Sunshinestories instructors
  • 4 x Video analysis of your surfing (personalized video sessions with your surf coach, every surf session is video filmed and analyzed)
  • 1 x Fun Reel & Weekly Surf Recap
  • 10 x Yoga and Meditation sessions
  • Free use of surfboards
  • Transport to the surf lessons
  • Video evaluation (in the end of the week we will do a final video analysis and give you personal goals to help you continue and progress as a surfer on your own)
  • Your own Surfing video (at the end of the week you’ll get your best surf clips)
  • A visit to our favourite Buddhist temple
  • A cooking class making traditional Sri Lankan food with our head chef
  • Guidance as to great local spots in and out of the surf
  • The Sunshinestories Guidebook to Sri Lanka’s south coast
  • Our help arranging day trips
  • Sri Lankan tea & freshly ground coffee throughout the day
  • And of course, unlimited fresh coconuts

What is not included?

  • Transfer from/to the airport
  • Two dinners (join us for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants or explore any of the nearby beach communities on your own)
  • Donations to the temple, the cooking class  (sometimes we offer some to join activities where you may be asked for a small donation, any donations are at your own will go directly to the organization eg temple/school)
  • Beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks). However, we supply cold drinking water, coffee, tea and coconuts free of charge
  • Extra activities (the days are pretty packed with surf & yoga, but if you want to explore the south coast in the afternoons or on your free day, there is a lot to visit and do on your own)
  • Transportation to “free surf,” “free day” activities, and to the two dinners out
  • Tips – tips are given at your own free will to our staff at the retreat, or the driver, or the tuk tuk guys. Please read our FAQ for more information on what’s a recommended tip

Our approach to sustainability on Sri Lanka

We’re trying to make as little impact on the environment as possible, as well as provide jobs and help the local village and the Sri Lankan economy. We think it is incredible to live 500 meters off of the sea. Our distance from the sea allows us to have an open air living room and bedrooms without everything getting salty from the sea breeze. It also means the house needs a lot less maintenance and paint. The tall palm trees in our garden provide shade for the house, and together with thick clay brick and lime stone walls the house stays cool so that we don’t need air conditioning. We believe it is important to engage with the locals. We depend on the village to operate. This means our guests get a feel for the local life that differs from the more resort-style villas on the beach front. We are constantly working towards a sustainable way of living and doing business on Sri Lanka.

A short list of things we do:

  • There is no air condition in the rooms. Instead, the house, built with thick walls and surrounded by palm trees, has a wooden upstairs and open ceilings to keep cool.
  • Instead of buying a lot of plastic bottles, you can fill up your water bottle at our Honesty Bar.
  • We don’t use plastic straws but reusable metallic ones.
  • We don’t have a pool, but are happy to help you get to one of the natural oceanic reef pools near to our villa, or if you fancy, we know of a hotel with an awesome saltwater pool.
  • Our food is sourced locally. Many things come straight from our garden including bananas, aloe vera & coconuts.
  • We support the local economy by hiring staff and buying food from the area.
  • Most spices, rice, and other food items are bought from farmers market by weight and not in plastic containers.
  • We separate plastic, paper, organic, glass, etc. We reuse what we can. For example, we use coconut shells as firewood.
  • We hire women – on Sri Lanka it’s common that women do not work. Women traditionally take care of their household and family. Even if it’s just a small step in the right direction, we’re glad to be able to give them the opportunity to earn their own salary.

Not just surfing, not just yoga. It’s a combination, it’s a lifestyle retreat.

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