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things I love about traveling

Monday 26/11/12 22:53 by Petter

the feeling of excitement when the plane takes off – getting friends all over the world – all the colorful stamps that makes the passport more pretty – learn about other cultures – only need to worry about the tide and what to eat – the sunsets – to be able to pack up my life and leave in less than 20 minutes – the feeling of freedom – and control over your own life – not knowing what day it is – get perspective on life – see what the new country eats for breakfast – all the people – and dogs – learn to say thank you in every language – to share it all with Petter

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Quality Peoples about Sunshinestories

Friday 27/01/12 15:37 by Petter

Ed from Quality Peoples made a feature about us. I like the photos he choose, maybe not very strange because he is a professional photographer and a great one too.

Check it out here.



Taloolabell did a nice blog post about us

Friday 17/12/10 05:36 by Petter

Some nice words about us:

“So I stumbled upon this site awhile ago and fell in love. I don’t know who these people are but I love them. They are ADORABLE. And they take really cool pictures! Gaaahhh so grand! Its so funny to “run into” people you don’t know.. either literally on the street or on the interweb. There are so many people out there! And we just.. don’t know about them. It makes my head explode every time I think about that. Its nuts. Anyways.. here are some of their pictures I like..”

Check it our here!