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travelling light

Organization is the key to easy travel. This year we have been traveling to more places that ever before and doing short stops here and there = unpacking and then packing it all again x 50. We’re lucky to have a range of Sea to Summit’s traveling light gear to help us! Now I can’t imaging a life without packing cells, garment mesh bags, see pouches and hanging toiletry bags.

With these smart products everything got its place, I don’t have to empty all my bag when I’m looking for the nail clipper. Packing up and leaving is also made so much faster, we can spread our stuff out and then quick pack our bags in just ten minutes when it’s time to leave, cause we know where everything should be! At Magnific Rock, who’s our next stop on this trip, it was really easy to feel at home. We packed up our bags in their “wardrobe”, wish more places had smart solutions like this.

We’re carrying our whole lives on our backs, in our backpacks, it’s our “room”. That makes our packing cells and mesh bags to the interior. Like a drawer where I have my underwear or the medium packing cells is like my desk, except it’s weighing 56 gram, where I have all the pens, stickers etc. It’s so smart!

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