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Saraswati day

On Saraswati day we went to Harsikas (dhammikas older daughter) school to look at her dance show. It was so exciting! We were told 48 different times that the show was going to start, Dhammika kept changing the time that we had to leave every time we asked. Finally we got there and I asked the principal if I could take some photos when the show was going to start. She said, yes yes, 30 minutes and give me a Sri Lankan nod on her head. Perfect. 3 hours later the show started, haha! So much Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3927

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3982

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4030

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3904

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Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4455

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3951

This is Harsika ready for the show. So cute!

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4430

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4413

All in all it was a 15 min performance, the girls danced and the boys danced. It was hilariously fun to just be there as guests and watch the whole thing. Watching the mothers prepare their girls for 3 hours was even more exciting than the show it self. That was like the whole deal. They had so much jewelry and make up to put on their kids, there was no end to it.

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4969

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4921

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4692

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4443

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4777

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4646

We also got to listen to an amazing hindu celebration for Saraswati. The man that read the sanskrit did had an amazing voice and did it in one long rambling so it sounded like music. Such an amazing moment. To quote Cailin from her blog:

“Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. Of all the female deities, she is the one that I feel the closet connection to. Though they celebrate this day with lots of sweets, I was sure to keep the essence of the day in tact by dedicating my puja to her this evening. For me, Saraswati represents that so long as you know yourself, the river of life could take you anywhere and you will be fine. And this knowledge (the Vedas she holds in her bottom left hand) is only had through a dedicated practice (represented by the mala in her upper right hand). I love stepping into self-inquiry, and it’s illumination has helped me to go with the flow as the river of life twists and turns. Jai Saraswati!”

Read more on Cailins impressions of the day at

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4516

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4548

During the dance performance we got to sit on special VIP chairs in the front and it was a really big thing that we were there. Dhammika told us that the school was in need of money to build windows and divide the classrooms, at the moment the monsun rain right trough the school which pretty mich is just one normal sized classroom that all 100 pupils from grade 1-3 share. Apparently she also had told the principal that we were there to donate money.. After the dance show the principal was eager to hear our speech.. At this time we knew they really wanted us to help out with money for their school. Linn was the brave one of us that walked up and talked in front of the whole school and all the parents. She told them how thankful we where to be invited and to this amazing performance and that we would do our best to help the school. A tamil man was translating the whole thing so after she was finished it was quiet for a while, and when he came to the point about us + money to the school the whole room lifted! The principal and all the parents started laughing and cheering. Ops! Not feeling any pressure now, haha… Another day on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4936

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5001

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4942

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5040

It was a very special day and we’ll see what we can do to help this school which seems to be trying so hard to develop and keep a high standard. The shaka picture is on us + the principal who is a women, very nice to see!

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5036

This is a group picture with us and the other teachers plus the municipal school advisory.

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5030

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