Friends, Laos

monk excursion

One day we decided to go visit some temples. We met some amazing young men who had come from northern Laos to get an education. The only way for most people to get that, is to leave your family and become a novice (the step before becoming a monk) in one of Luang Prabangs 33 temples.

The time flew while we were comparing our lives to each others and after some time of laugh the novices asked us if we wanted to join on an adventure.

Yes please, we answered. And our new friends took us down to the river bank, rented a boat to go to the other side of the Mekong river. They showed us beautiful and plundered temples that we would never had found without them. They fetched a key to a cave that had been used as a holy temple during some old war. It was amazing and all we ever dreamt of.. When we were wandering back Vee, one of the novices, told Petter that his dream was to get an European girlfriend when he became older..


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