My friend Kalle

Kalle is a crazy, bad ass, really good friend of mine. Last summer however I thought he was the most annoying guy ever. I was working in the bar and he was one of those guys I just didn’t want to serve because he was talking to much or just acting like a douche. To make things easier this summer I made him a bet: don’t drink a single drip of alocohol and I’ll buy you a skateboard. I knew that Kalle like challanges, and I knew that if the reward is good enough he would obey me as my slave.

Sure he did. He drank 7UP’s or straight Tonic water every night for the whole summer! So I gave him the skateboard.

And here’s a little video he made to say thank you. Even though I would be the one to say so. The video makes me smile anyway. Go big or go home.

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