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Sunshinestory; Katz’s Deli, NYC

Tweny one years ago my mum laughed so hard to the movie ”When Harry met Sally” that her water broke and she later gave birth to me. The ”orgasm-scene”, when Sally shows how a woman can fake an orgasm, is filmed at the legendary Katz’s Delicatessen in New York.

Katz’s Deli is a family owned resturant established 1888. They have been serving delicious food trough three depressions, numerous recessions and two world wars. Stepping in to the restaurant in Lower East Side feels like stepping back in time. You get a ticket, stand in line order your food (we suggest you should order the pastrami sandwich), get your tray and in the next desk you order drinks (we recomend you to get the Brooklyn Brewery Beer brewed especially for Katz’s Deli). We can just say: Mhm! Check out their menu here.

Today Alan Dell is passing on the legacy of his ancestors. We met him and asked for some good advice from the man behind one of New York’s most iconic restaurant. He was a very interesting guy indeed. He told us how hard it is to run a restaurant even if it’s one of the most famous ones in NYC. How he grew into the family business just like his father, and his own son is doing right now! Yes, he has a son who also works at the deli and he thinks theres nothing better than working in the family company! Petter and  Alan had lots to talk about it since Petter is about the same age as his son, and also is the 4th generation in his century old family restaurant in Torekov.

If we’d name one restaurant you should visit in New York city this would be the one!

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