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Bing’s Mini Simmon’s

Went back to Encinitas, San Diego after our Highway 1 road trip to pick up a brand new board and say goodbye to the Bing family.

And here it is, Matt Calvani’s version of the Mini Simmons aka the board that brought back the joy of surfing to me. As you can see it looks quite huge compared to me, but I need all the volume I can get plus that being a 5’10 makes it possible for Petter to surf it too. In the beginning I wanted to bring a longboard on our adventure but now when we started to travel with buses I am so glad I didn’t.. I can catch any wave I want with this incredible board , super small cute waves. It’s easy to maneuver, easy as h*ll to paddle and I got so much more confidence in the water with this one compared to other boards. In the beginning Petter was a bit skeptical to it, don’t know if it had anything to do with the pink-ish color but now he does hang fives on it and catches more waves than anyone else in the lineup..

Read more about the board here and if you’re a Swede wanting to get your hands on one  look here.

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