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less hair – more good stuff

Here’s what I’ve done today, or well, both of us have actually made all of the things beneth, but Linns has doen a great job documenting it so I’m sharing it!

Started off to try and do some yoga by ourselfes, and we are so stoked that we have found the yoga. Really great to combine with surfing and travelling and just everything.

Our room might not the most pictureqse yoga location, where we acutally train yoga looks way better.

Went in to get the daily dose of waves.

Decided to cut my hair since it’s a pain in the ass, a good sign that it’s time.

Linn started off cutting, but it but no one really knew what or how to do.

So I did most of it by myself instead.

We went out with our new found old friends in the rain. Lucky to be in a country where a taxi, or well, a tuktuk, is half a dollar within the town.

Everybody squezzed in one three-wheeler, and everyone looking totally wasted after 3 beers.

The Sri Lankan version of Nachos with guacamole, Papadams with guacamole-cream! Pretty good.

Curries all over the table for 300 rupies each, that´s 15SEK or 2USD each.

They are tough with alcohol licenses to the restaurants on Sri Lanka, and you can’t have beer at our favourite curry place, so ofc we had to go to a german beer shack for more.

Another day in paradise!

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