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Sunshinestories in a Korean book about surfing

A couple of months ago we got an email from Kyu Hyun Lee, a female surfer from South Korea who said she was writing Korea’s first surf related book ever and wonder if we wanted to share our story in it. She was fascinated the way we traveled around the world for surf and culture and wanted to inspire more young koreans to travel. Sure we said and today I got this beautiful book in the mail. It’s called “Falling in love with surfing”, we know that since Kyu Hyun told us that what else the book says we have no clue! Thank you so much for future us Kyu Hyun!

In 29 days Petter and I will be moving in our first apartment which is located in the middle of Malmö,Sweden. Super excited and a little bit stressed, I’m decorating it in my head. Here’s some pics from the last week. Alot of work, some sun, some worm snack and many bus rides.

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