Surf, Sweden

The surf trip (in Sweden)

While Linn where back in Malmö this wknd i was in and around my home in Torekov. There was a great forecast with northwest winds for three days straight coming in, so i just packed my car and left.


Started off working at the restaurant with la familia.


My brother went to Sri Lanka this monday so we had a little dinner together with my grandmother and stuff. Love this get togethers.


Met up with Nick and Alex and surfed day in and out..


Conditions where real good all days. Ills show you some more later. Gotta get to bed now, so surfed out, don’t think i have ever surfed this much in Sweden before, in only three days, even had the possibility to try my new Surfboard.



Overall this felt like a surf vacation in Sweden, at home, with my and my freinds and waves everyday. Even stayed in Niklas new crib right down at one of the best surfbreaks around. Simply walked over a field to get to the jetty.

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