Moving moving moving


Yesterday we moved into our new aparment in Malmoe. Our first apartment, our first entirely own space. We have been living and jumping around in hundreds of different places the past few years, you can’t imagine how good it feels to finally get a place where we can just be. Ib, Joel, Sammy & Sunny

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Sri Lanka

whale safari


our dutch parents tipped us about a guy in a little shop in a little village called mirissa. or well not about him but about his cousins little fishingboat, and about the wales a few kilometers off the coast. we went there with a mission to hook up with some people and hire the boat

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Sunshinstories Family, Sweden


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Sunshinestories. Solskenshistorier. Jag tänkte dela med mig av en riktig solskenshistoria. En solkenshistoria om min mormor. Bered er på 1000 bilder, “less is more”, gäller icke för denna dag. Håll tillgodo, historien kommer sen, nu ska vi ner o fira mammas syrra Anna för hon fyllde år igår, här har du bilderna sålänge Anna, som

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