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in my backpack


The blue backpack in the corner is my Fjällräven Kajka backpack 65 W. The support system in Kajka 65 W is tailored to women’s ergonomics and easily adjusted in both width and length, it has been my best companion (after Petter) on this trip and in it you can find: Mexican shawl from Gypsy Galeria,

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Waveing down a yellow cab

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To wave down a yellow cab can seem like an easy thing but sometimes they just down show up, and that´s usually when you really need them. Or, they´ll show up but with the out of service sign lit.. Waving down a yellow cab at wall street with a Fjällräven Kajka on your back is

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Fjällräven + Sunshinestories = True

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Today I went to Naturkompaniet in Helsingborg to pick up two ûber-amazing backpacks. The name of the  model is Kajka. And the company making them is Fjällräven. Fjällräven is also our next sponsor and one that we are very proud to present. It´s a swedish company sharing our passion for nature and exploration. It´s in

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manana manana

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Pillar lite med restips till alla vänner som ska ut och resa i höst/vinter. Tänkte att vi lika gärna kan lägga upp dem här så alla kan läsa. Efter helgen kan ni hitta vår bästa boka-flyg-hemsida, favorit backpacken, största tabbarna, visum-tips surfspots och alla måsten på olika destinationer.

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