Guatemala, Sweden, Torekov

Tuesday meeting in Torekov


In the village Torekov in South Sweden Petter’s family runs a restaurant called G Swensons Krog which dates back to 1907. Every time we’re out traveling a piece of our heart remains in this village and in this house. It is a beautiful restaurant with fantastic food! They have a star as the restaurant manager;

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Inspiration, Thoughts

in my backpack


The blue backpack in the corner is my Fjällräven Kajka backpack 65 W. The support system in Kajka 65 W is tailored to women’s ergonomics and easily adjusted in both width and length, it has been my best companion (after Petter) on this trip and in it you can find: Mexican shawl from Gypsy Galeria,

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New York, Things we like

Waveing down a yellow cab

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To wave down a yellow cab can seem like an easy thing but sometimes they just down show up, and that´s usually when you really need them. Or, they´ll show up but with the out of service sign lit.. Waving down a yellow cab at wall street with a Fjällräven Kajka on your back is

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Bali, Surf

make way

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I just had to make a custom board bag in pink.. The only problem is that Petter have to help me carry it, and he absolutely hate carrying around a smashing pink one.. A positive thing is that people recognized us all over Bali (not that good when Petter is driving over people’s toes with

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