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a pizza night

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Reminds me of the amazing pizza nights we had at Papazela’s in South Africa, this local restaurant in Barra was almost as good. Their drinks however were out of this world! Pizza, beer, pina coladas, margaritas and new friends; a great night!

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Camp Linn


The beach here is amazing. The only building on the beach is the restaurant which is a palapa/bungalow made of bamboo etc and easily could be taken down and poff, suddenly you would have an untouched beach with a beautiful wave in front of it! Kind of hard to find 2012. It’s the community who

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barra de la cruz


After recommendations from both Ed and our friend Oscar (also known as Kioskar) we took a bus and a taxi south and made it to Barra de la Cruz just to the sunset. This place did not disappoint us.. Nor did Andrew, Ed’d friend, a super cool dude from New York City that we’re gonna

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