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Todays view from the office


We decided to take the blog to the next level and since then we spend more time in front of our computers. We shoot all the time, and travel, and surf, and meet people, and do interviews, and keeping contact with home, and sponsors, and people we are gonna meet and so on. It is

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Breakfast in Encinitas


Grab something from a coffeshop, why not the best one in town, head down and check the surf while eating it, then surf. Work starts at about 11 if the surf is awesome and bit earlier if it´s not. That´s how a typical morning looks like for guys working at bing. I can´t believe it,

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This day was one of our most epic days on our last journey. Imagine one of the coolest islands in the world, with loads and loads of culture, strong religion and old traditions. Imagine the whole island throwing a party on the same day, based on their strong island belief. That was what this day

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Efter tips från Lovisa och Sunna så ringde jag på ett jobb igår. Och idag har jag fått drömjobbet!! Ska få lyxen att åka ut till Hallands Väderö nästan varje dag och jobba på cafét där. Så nice! Helt random så jobbade Petter och hans pappa också ute på ön på en catering i Kappelhamn.

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