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“A boat trip in Indo sounds pretty neat, so what kind of person would prefer to go on a cold water charter?”

Exciting thoughts about what makes surfing exciting. TheArticSurfBlog means that surfing is best alone, and that the best chance to score great waves, with no crowd would be at the most desert place in the world. Most people probably find it insane, but i kind of like the tought. Linn does´nt.. Haha when i told dad about the cool part about it the other day she just cut me off and said that surfing is ALL about relaxed waves in warm water with as MANY friends possible in the water.. haha!

But as i said i like the thoughts.. Maybe because they remind me about the Swedish surf, how many times have´nt we thought it is insanity for real, when they warn you to go out of your house on the news, when we get out anyway, in the freezing wind, in the dark cold water, often just to surf a crappy wave or two, after friving for an hour or two.. But its because thats our party. It sure is insane, but its probably what drives us aswell..

The blog is full of maps and stattelite pictures of the absolutly most desert surfable spots on earth, they sure have found some pretty cool places.

Quoting the blog the dude on the video below is in nirvana state of surfing. I would love to go on trips such as the ones they dream about. But not this time Linn, i promise!

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