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hippie hide away

After visiting the big old mayan city we went to a funky place along the road to find us a bed. In the jungle, in the middle of nowhere there was three or four different hostels, a bunch of “hippies” and backpackers, a few restaurants, one of them italian and famous in the whole of Chiapas.

It’s funny how those paces turn up in the middle of the nowhere, just because of tourism. Sometimes when I feel bad about being rich, white and a fortunate traveller I like to think about the fact that just by being here, being a tourist I actually bring people work and their country wealth. We also try and support local communties as much as possible, giving to those in need, eating at local places, at different places, buying local crafts, even if it’s sooo heavy to carry around on our backs.

At this hippe-jungle-hideaway they even served wood fired pizza, of course to accompanied with a mexican margarita. That’s service! Probably the last margarita before crossing the border to Guatemala, the country of rum..

Check this out, they are even on tripadvisor! 

Sorry about the fuck you finger, we where just playing around during the loooong pizza-wait.

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