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“Listen to me. Please. You’re like me, a homo sapien; or wise human. Life, a miracle in the universe, began around 4 billions years ago, and we humans only 200,000 years ago. Yet, we have succeeded in disrupting the balance so essential to life. Listen to this extraordinary story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it.”

Home is and incredible movie of Yann Arthus Betrand. Me, Linn and the rest of our family saw it on a free viewing “film i Båstad” organized on the local cinema in Båstad. I have blogged some insipring persons and project lately, but if someone is insipiring it is Yann Arthus Betrand. A guy who left is carrer as an actor and started working with an animal park in france. Then he left france to live in a nationalpark in Kenya, he lived in the wild, with the massai tribe for three years. And he did all of this together with his wife. He took photos of the tribe and discovered his passion for aerial photography when taking shoots from a balloon. When he got back home he realesed a book “Lions”, he became a reporter, journalist and photograher.  He started working with ecological movements, released the book “Earth from Above” which really shows his amazing artistic photos from above.  In 2009 he made the movie home. And he whole idea of the movie is soo cool, to bee free and to bee yours. In his own words, “The benefits of this film cannot be counted in dollars, but in audience figures.”

It is a really powerful movie. As it is, showing planet earth, it´s beauty, and  most important telling the possible outcome if we don´t watch ourselfs. But also the whole project. Showing the power of your own faith, and the power of photography. Not to mention the beauty of Yanns photography..

The movie is leaving only a little inch of hope for everything not completely fall apart, a little inch. But it is an inch. I think all we need is that inch, and people like Yann.

Watch it in full HD here, Home Youtube Channel

Check out Yann Arthus Betrand here,

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