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The grand palace

Some photos from when we visited the Grand Palace. It´s a complex of temples, art, buddahs and old halls in the middle of Bangkok. Within the walls lies most important temple in thai history. Wat Phra Kaew. This Grand Palace is made in perfection. WOOOW! No wonder the king stayed here for 150 years. It is a typicial tourist attraction, and yes! It is well worth a visit, it is huuge, and gorgeous as hell. Just remember to check your pants for holes before you try to enter.. As in all buddhist temples you gotta have longpants or long skirt when making a visit. The guards noticed the smallest hole in Linns pants and then showed her the way out. Fortunately they were used to this and gave here a skirt. Inside it was a really strange aura around it all, all the people left, and we ended up being there totally alone, except for a few munks, probably from different parts of Asia, making their onetime visit in their anchestors halls of glory. We forgot about time and space and spent hours walking around dreaming about the old empire.. Totally alone. In incredible buildings, like a small town, all made of gold and raised over 200 years ago.. Back in the days a part of the Grand Palace actually where a town of its own, The Inner Court, worked as a small city for women and boys under the age of puberty, where they grew up in their own, or the kings royal world..

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