astrid & dylan

last year we met some really cool people on bali. we joined them to their hometown, homebeach, homebreak and became friends. with two of them we have keept contact and when they heard we were going to indo a second time they invited us to stay in their house. once there they forced us to do so for a very long time. they cooked food for us every day and made cooking to a competition, astrid supporting the indonesian cousine and dylan the mexican. one dish always better than the other. they showed us they hidden surfbreaks of the bukit and gave us hand shaped surfboardfins which is what they make for a living.

”handmade surfbaord fins by the balinese with karma in every layer”

both me, linn and nick fell in love with the bukit and it felt like our home. thanks alot guys for incridible days, nights and weeks with you!

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