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having a cold in this heat sucks


But I’m happy here, laying in the shade on one of the most beautiful beaches I ever been to. The water is amazing, the waves are good and here’s tons of cool shells. Jess has lent me her precious iPod with the best music I ever heard and I’m looking at the few photos I got with me from home.. I orded 50 photos I thought, but something went wrong and I only got four. Two of my sweet, sweet nieces and two of Isabel and some friends. But soon I’m gonna be able to see all my family and all my friends face to face. Wihihiehoo! Look at the last picture, that’s me and Petter paddling out to the line up. I love it! And this amazing water and waves is something I really wish I could bring me home to you guys.

And oh I almost forgot! Look at the beautiful drawing Jess made to me and Petter with a text from “To build a home” with the Cinematic Orchestra! Wonderful.

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