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We went to Freestone too which is a vineyard Phelps built in purpose of making the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay he thinks is possible. He placed the vines in the small community of Freestone which lies closer to the coast and get’s a more salty and rough climate than they get in Napa or Sonoma. Just the kind of climate you need for producing these wines, tough and hard so that they have to struggle to survive.

We have been selling lots of the Pinot Noir on the restaurant this summer, dad pretty much tells the guests what they should drink since which they do since they like his choice of wines. And this pinot noir they have ordered again and again. When it comes to the chardonnay me my dad and my brother was on a tasting in gothenburg this autumn where we got to try about 40-50 wines from around the world. There where good chardonnays from everywhere and probably 7-8 really god ones from Bourgogne. The Freestone Chardonnay where better than all of them. I was super stoked to try this great wine again together with the Fogdog and the Aviation which are to more simple Chardonnay’s in two different ways. Simple and simple, anything is simple compared to the Freestone Chardonnay.

Thanks Stephen & Brad for giving us a great time and explaining the history of the land and the wines! Thanks the Phelps family for making super awesome wines!

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