Interior, Malmö

between exams

We’re in between exams and both Petter and I have touched the idea to drop out of school, haha. We’ve  been getting work offers without having an education so of course the idea is tempting. Planning a trip and work is easy compared to this! At the same time, these two months in school have made us both grow so much! Learning new stuff is fun. Getting to know new people is fun and it’s sure fun to have a home! If I skipped university I think I would regret it. As long as we can combine travel with studies I think it will be fine. The Portugal plans vanished when I saw the temperature for November month.. (Haha, we just booked I flight to Portugal anyway!)  I need a warm sun! Dreaming me away with this playlist: November 12. A lot from Goliath and the Giants new album. Check them out here.

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