Media Evolution City

Visited Media Evolution City in Malmö yesterday. Located in the heart of the old industry harbour in Västra Hamnen a few innovative guys as used an old building, built a house inside of it and put together a unique media collaborative with hundreds of designers, producers, ads, communicators and all different types of people and companies within the media business. The main idea is to take advantage of the convergence in the media business and put every company or person that works with media in the same house so that they can work together instead of against each other. No rooms. No real offices. No competition against each other. Just open doors, give and take and a big after work in the end of the week. The conclusion is a socialized  work space where creativity and a constant exchange of ideas float around freely in the whole building. And if you don’t need your office everyday just get a clip card and go to work when you need to, it’s cheaper to rent your office only when you need to and it helps make the whole hose more alive as well.

Media Evolution City seems as the ultimate work space to me!

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