New York

NORTH Food Festival

After our California trip we’ll be flying to New York! One thing we’re looking forward to, and actually the event that sparked our idea of going to the states at all before Sri Lanka is NORTH Food Festival. It’s no secret we love food.. It was our friend Peggy who planted the idea over a lunch in Torekov this summer. Peggy and her family runs Community Table  in Connecticut where they serve “G Swenson’s meatballs”, a recipe from Petters family’s restaurant G Swenson’s Krog in Torekov. The executive chef of CT is Marcell Davidsen, a native of Denmark, and he will be a part of the Danish day at North Food festival.

They have so many fun events and happenings going on Septemer 23 to 28. From Swedish Cray fish party in the middle of Manhattan for 20 $, Danish Pölse & beer at the festival square, Iclandic Vodka

We are going on NORTH Talks – New Nordic 2.0, what’s next? Really looking forward to it. A lunch at Blenheim Restaurant, a farm to table concept,  is a part of the talks.

About NORTH: For the third year running, the largest celebration of Nordic cuisine outside of Northern Europe comes to New York City for six days in September (23-28). Dubbed “the most influential gastronomy movement since the 1960s”, New Nordic Cuisine has had huge impact on the world’s dining scene since it first arrived 10 years ago. All photos are from their homepage.

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