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March Mix

We’ve been pretty off-the-blog lately. Sorry about that. And it wasn’t long ago that we told you we thought about blogging less from Sweden and only focusing on our travels, but many readers commented and emailed about that asking us to post more from Sweden. So we listen, and here it comes! We will try our best to blog more often but life is moving fast and it is hard to blog about everything. Let’s start with a little March recap.


March has been an hectic month for both of us. We’ve been studying 200%, doing all the stuff we missed during our Sri Lanka trip as well as the all the new things coming up, in school.


We’ve also been working with various Sunshinestories projects, you will see more about that when times comes, but we have a few very interesting things coming up. It is always so fun to grab the most radical idea, work with it  and hopefully turn it into reality! The feeling of creativity, independency and fulfillness is amazing. We’ve actually had a business meeting with potential investors with one of our ideas..

Skärmavbild 2014-04-16 kl. 16.03.49

We’ve also been doing some freelance gigs with our digital media/photography company & as you’ve seen launched our new weeding photography site. Bookings for weeding shoots are rolling in by the day and that is really fun! WE LOVE to shoot weedings 😀


Spring came to Malmö early and we’ve already hanged out in the parks a few times.

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Surf’s been up! I and Oscar went for two full day surf trips. Some really good spring waves with sunny weather and perfect north westerly swell.


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Post surf skate session in Båstad Skatepark.

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More waves.


Hanging out with Malibu in Jesus Parken.



Neighbours put up an installation in Jesus parken to make a stand against the deportation of immigrants..


We started to do Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga Triangeln and we totally dig it! Gives you the warmth and flexibility we love so much when Yoga:ing on Sri Lanka. Since the middle of February we’ve been doing yoga almost once a day, it really gives us the daily energy and relaxation we need.


Found our fav mexican beer at a new tacoplace, Negra Modelo!


Linn & the sun.


We decided we wanted to indulge more in the interesting restaurants & bars popping up in town. The amount of good restaurants have increased so fast since we moved here 1.5yrs ago. This month we tried Tryne till knorr, Söder om Småland, BELLE Epoqué, Dubbel Dubbel, Green & Yellow juice bar, Saltimporten, Barbacoa & more. Love how food-malmö is evolving!

Sunshinestories-malmö-möllan-folketspark-blog-IMG_0548Sunshinestories-malmö-möllan-folketspark-blog-IMG_0590 Sunshinestories-malmö-möllan-folketspark-blog-IMG_0580Sunshinestories-malmö-möllan-folketspark-blog-IMG_0574 Sunshinestories-malmö-möllan-folketspark-blog-IMG_0532Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The constant change of the street art wall outside Folkets Park.


Typical Möllan.. Love it!


Planning some cool collabs with our stickit mates!


Took this mega awesome studio picture of Malibu! Everytime we travel and leave her at home is sooo hard. And she knows, every time we leave, she knows we won’t be back for a while.. It’s the worst part of our travel-love. This picture will be great to have with us when we are on the go.


I’ve been engaging in the local green party in Båstad lately, Miljöpartiet, and I will candidate for the election this autumn. It will be my second period in the party. I won’t have time to engage full on in the politics but i will support as much as I can. On a personal level it is giving to have a hand in the politics, to see and get an understanding for how things work. Also it is inspiring to get together and meet all the like minded and driven people in the party. My mum will step back as the spokeswoman and are on the list for the region as well as the parliament and I am very proud of her work in Miljöpartiet.


Late march, and the trees and plants started to bud, spring is around the corner and all swedes go crazy happy! No more cold or dark. It started to get brighter, sunnier and warmer by the day!


The juice trend has come to Sweden and so has the juice bars. We love fresh juice. And we love the Green & Yellow juice bar which is about to open in every other city soon. Check it out! A fun lunch with Isabel who we hadn’t seen for a while!

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March has been a sushi month. We’ve eaten sushi like never before. Love the sushi from chill out sushi, just can’t get enough of it… Been perfect for us to bring home some take away as we have been working late on the evenings with our projects.

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Payed a visit on Malmö Wine Festival with my dad. It’s always fun and TASTY to try have a look at the latest trends and find some gems to choose for our summer winelist at G Swensons.




March was also about how to build beer-glass-towers.

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Sunny Malmö!! LOVE IT!



And last but not least, hipsterväggen packed with Möllan peeps, beers and falafels. That’s a real spring sign for us nowadays.



  • I think this may be your best post so far. Love how active you guys are! Thumbs up!

  • Aw, thank you Kimberley! Thank you for your sweet commenT! Words like yours that makes us continuing blogging!

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