We got new brains

We just got our new computers. YEIJ! It’s amazing how much easier a good computer can make your life. We have been living sharing on one of these now for 2 months. So one brand new macbook each with retina display and ssd drive is just sick in comparision. Linn got the 13″ and Petter the 15″. Lightroom is running faster than ever and we are S-T-O-K-E-D. Feels like we’ve upgraded our brains and are just so much smarter now!

On top of that we got this package the same day..

Chocolate from Cologne! Uli & Johannes who we hooked up with in SA as well as on our last Sri Lanka trip was stoked that we liked their german chocolate, so they sent us a whole box of it. Isn’t that like the nicest thing you can do? Thank’s guys, that’s just awesome!

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