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petter 21

The weather is always, ALWAYS good on my birthday. Little wind and alot of sunlight every year and its standard to take the boat out to the island for some “fika”, walking and of course the first dip in the clear water of Hallands väderö. This year it was windy, thunder, sometimes sun, sometimes rain and even hail (hagel). Wonder if the weather tries to tell me something… Anyway everyone helped out to enjoy the weather even more this year, started with kitesurfing in Lagan with Hannes and Linn, just like in the old days but with some new egupiment and with great winds. After that the whole family excluding Svea went to the Torekov Hotell SPA, when we were in the outside japanese jacutzi the cloudsed put on a show and thunder started all around us. It was really cool to be in the hot water with cold winds and rain hitting our heads above the surface, we even got to stay longer after closing time enjoying the wather even more. Mum went home a little earlier. did some magic and woops there was a 3 course dinner on the table, the whole family were together and for desert the greatest birthday cake and a bottle of very special desert wine we  picked up last year in one of the wineries in South Africa. Tack så mycket!

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