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10 advices from Petter&Linn

Not so long ago we got hired to give lectures on our blog and entrepreneurship. That felt really cool. The audience was school students in the age of 16 just about to make their first big life choice, choosing educational direction. It felt like we could give them some inspiration on how to think.

Here’s 10 advices from Petter&Linn:

  1. Don’t hurry
  2. Travel and get lost, it opens your mind
  3. Do your own thing
  4. Don’t do something you like, do something you LOVE
  5. Follow your craziest dream(s)
  6. Find out what makes you creative
  7. If you get stuck, which you will, travel and get lost again
  8. Don’t only take care of friends and family, but also every social encounter you make
  9. Money and material values is just a perception, don’t chase it
  10. Have fun, always

Sunshinestories-Casual Street Food-Malmö-Resturang-Hamburgare-Tacos-Vegetarisk-DSC00978


Sunshinestories-Casual Street Food-Malmö-Resturang-Hamburgare-Tacos-Vegetarisk-DSC00977

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