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Klas Corvette

Last summer our friend Klas threw a crazy party for his 50th birthday celebration. The whole family was invited and I decided to capture the party as his birthday present so i brought my camera. But… Hehe, the party turned out to be hilarious amounts of fun and it did´nt take long until me and linn got dragged along with the vibe and ended up partying like crazy. So much with the photos, haha WOHOO!! Hopfully it contributed to the shoots, but i don´t know hehe.

The whole evening was perfection itslef, organizing parties is what Klas and Annika do for a living, so they know all those little things that add up to make a party a PARTY!! They also have a thing for Corvettes and those beautfiul creations lined up along the pond in Norrviken made you step back in time the while enjoying a cocktail or three. Inspiring people everywhere, a table filled to the breath with good food and a perfect classic Norrviken sunset did add up. And Annikas present,WOOW she gave him a corvette flippergame original imported from the states, right back to the 70s again. On top of that, Cirkus Markus!! A band that is not a band, it´s a partycrew with the fingertip sense for making an evening of celebrations unforgetable. No doubt they have some secret spirit or something that make people go crazy on the dancefloor. And for grand final, fireworks.

Thanks alot Klas! And here you go, enjoy!

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