love for the Seea

Oh life.. Different happenings the last week has shook me up and made me extremely grateful and aware of what a happy life I’m living right now and right here. Crazy isn’t it how it sometimes takes extreme things to make you realize something so easy?

Today I wanna share how grateful I am for the support from The Seea, a brand who makes fantastic suits and bikinis for women to surf and be active in the sea. I basically live in their creations. They offer amazing sun protection and stays on while I’m tumbling in the waves.

I’m so happy to have our life here on Sri Lanka is featured on their very worth reading blog  (link here), also check out their guide to re-paint an old surfboard and their amazing spotify playlists.



Skärmavbild 2015-01-26 kl. 10.11.19

Era beach

Luxe lunch at Era Beach is a good way to kill an afternoon. We first saw this place on the internet last year when we googled around on colonial villas in Sri Lanka. And what a beauty. The details of everything is super nice, floors and doors are of untreated wood, the pool is in the courtyard and the color of the tiles matches the grey doors. This quiet design villa is located in Thalpe and they have a restaurant and a pool open for the public. A pool ticket is 500rps and lunch is affordable. Our tip is to head get a pool ticket and swim during the the day, have a beer or a coconut and then order a late lunch before the lunch menu closes at 18:00. Of course you can also get the dinner, but the lunch menu is still really good and comparatively good priced!

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8774

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8686

We first saw this place on the internet last year when we googled around on colonial villas in Sri Lanka. What a beauty!

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8653

A beer or a coconut at this pool is definetly not the worst way to spend an afternoon

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8683

with the 500rps pool ticket you also get towels and sunbeads

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8660

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8642

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8810

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3658

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8738

during the sundown a huge school of birds beautifully flew over us and down along the beach towards the orange sky, amaaazing

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8849

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8826

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8820

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8872

if you order before 6 you can eat from the lunch menu which has a good selection of dishes at a resonable price

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8889

like this burger for 675rps. not the best one on sri lanka, but it was goood

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-thalpe-era-beach-jetwing-surf-travel-blog-IMG_8882

The Rock

Dawn patrol this morning on the south coast. There was one of the biggest swells I’ve seen so far forecasting today, 4-6ft at 16 seconds. Unfortunately the ocean didn’t provide this surf but you can’t really complain as it was pretty damn good any way. Surfed a perfect a-frame break called Kabalana or “The Rock” with a few friends. It breaks on pretty deep water and can handle some size. At the most we were four guys on the left and four guys on the right, and at one moment we were only a total of three guys out sharing perfect waves and even a few barrels in the take off. Gotta love the surf  & the crowds here!

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9317-2

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9329-2

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8734

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9343

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9150

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8861

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9326

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8885

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8740

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8700

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8716
Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8790

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_8799

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9336
Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9076
Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9233

Sri Lanka-Ahangama-Kabalana-The rock-Surf-Barrel-Big swell-Midigama-Surfing-travel-blog-IMG_9298

Snapshots of December

Early December we were busy getting the house ready for all the friends and family that would come visit us during the holidays.





Simon, Petters brother came!


Julia & Adnan had been house sitting our house during our yoga retreat and we were happy to catch up with them. Drank too much alcohol and laughed too much.


In between all that we looked at countless cars to buy…



The 12th of December Petter and I had our 6th years anniversary! More of that in another post.


It rained ALOT during the whole month..


We went to the local framer, haha don’t know the english term but his job is to make frames and frame paintings etc.


We had a bunch of Stick No Bills-posters we wanted to put up in the house. He did a good job.


The 2oth Petter & Simons mum came! She brought Swedish coffee, herring, Kalles kaviar, cheese, snaps, hard rye bread


We celebrated a cosy but RAINY Christmas.. Rained non stop for three days.



On Christmas Day Katarina, Petter’s mum, was tired of the rain and took us out to Cafe Ceylon for dinner.


Then two days later Vera came!



Simon left…


And we celebrated the end of 2014 and the start of a new year!


Happy new year to all of you. Let 2015 be the year you do everything you always dreamt of! And hey, I promise I’m gonna try to blog more often. In between you can always sneak peak at our everyday life on Sri Lanka on our instagrams: @linnklara and @pettertoremalm If you wanna keep track on when we post stuff follow our facebook-page. Or just send a message in a bottle!