rocket burgers – galle fort

Rocket Burgers in Galle Fort got the best burgers on the island. It’s a small shack and not really a cosy environment, the best table is on the balcony but it’s too hot to eat there during the day. BUT their burgers make up for it.


Petter goes for the Gringo or the Lighthouse if he’s really hungry. I go for the veggie burger or the fish burger. Can recommend them both. Their fries are the best!! I miss a good milkeshake to make it top notch… But their homemade ice teas are quite good.


We come here quite often. If we’re surfing in the area, got some errands in town or when the need for a burger just is too big! This day we went with our new friends Brooke and her brother Thomas.



We took a stroll in the fort.



Before we headed to the obligatory sundowner at Wijaya Beach. Mojitos and a dip to wash away the city dust. Perfect ending.



Palm sugar sour

Gin, oh ho much I love this spirit.. A Gin and Tonic on the courtyard in our villa is a classic after a good day in the sun. And this day Linn brought fresh picked free grown lime from the jungle in Udawalawe national park. So we just had to have GT’s, but the tonic was out! Decided to mix up a gin-sour in the blender. Soo good! Why don’t we do this more often.. In case you’d like to try and make this cocktail we I put the recipe below.

Palm sugar gin sour

(The recipe is for three cocktails)

  • 12cl Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • Lime juice from 10 small sweet limes
  • Lime zest from about 3-4 wild picked lime from Uda Walawe
  • 5cl Sri Lankan Kithul Trickle
  • 5cl Balinese Palm sugarsyrup
  • Ice
  • A blender

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

#1 – About 4cl of Bombay Sapphire Gin per glass

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

#2 – palm sugar from bali – boil 50% sugar 50% water until you have a suger syrup, let it cool down

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

#3 – zest some lime lime & squeeze some juice from about 10 small limes

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

#4 – a good dash of kithul trickle to add some sri lankan sweetnes, can use more suger syrup or a dash of honey instead

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

#5 – put all the ingredients in the blender with with ice on full speed till it’s a frozen mix

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

#6 – garnish with a slice of lime and some lime zest. BAM!

Restaurant-Bar-Sri Lanka

safari in udawalawe

For the second time this season I went up to Udawalawe National Park. After a tip from our friends Brooke and Thomas we found a really nice bush camp outside of the park, it’s nice to stay around for two nights and do both boat safari and a trip in the park. The first time Petter drove me, his dad & sister in the jeep. But this time me and my brother rented a car + driver to get there from the south coast, it’s around 3-4 hours to get there from Ahangama and I was not really up to drive on my own.. Four years ago we took the local buses to get here and that works too, but takes way longer. It’s a beautiful trip though, you get to see many different sides of the beautiful Lanka.

Me and my brother Joel had three amazing days. Dinner on a raft in the middle of the lake, a trip to cool springs and two different safaris. No cheeta. But lots of wildlife, wine, some yoga and sweet wild limes!

Surfing Medawatta Sri Lanka

Medawatta is a great longboard wave on the most southern part of Sri Lanka, just outside of Matara. It’s kind of a hidden gem and a bit hard to find, but expect good peelers and a few peakes that spread the crowd out, beacuse it’s starting to get quite crowded already compared to the last few years when we could surf it on our own..



the crew, stoked to pull up to small peelers






linn setting up for a noseride



the beach is really pretty, a bit different than other sri lankan beaches with big sand dunes and not much sunbeds and other ugly things on the beach, yet, it is changing fast down here


so proud of my sis!! brought her out on my log and she was killing it, riding blue water waves, surfing without a leash, and just going for it. she even walked the board!!

just love this one, she knee surf the wave and laughing her balls off because it’s a new move.. and then there that guy next to her that nosedive, hilarious!!




Life style shots: ricko lundgreen + my dad

Watershots: Melcior