Lately we have felt a big surge to go to Morocco. The other day we briefly met two likeminded travelers, we didn’t exchange many words but surfed together for a while. Later they made a comment on our instagram and now we follow one another. They have a blog called PVTNDL and it’s pretty darn good, you should check them out and follow their instagram to.


Just check these instaimages out from their Moroccan travels. So keen to go!!


It’s amazing how meeting people and friends is not limited to eye to eye conversations. You can meet someone, not know them so much and then keep contact and get to know some one really well online. Love it. We also stumbled upon Explora that reached out to us on email. They seem to be a pretty cool surf school and they are based in Essaouiralearn. That’s where Cailin is going to have another yoga retreat this spring! Her Moroccan retreat also looks amazing.

Step into the magic of Morocco on this luxury retreat! Peacock Pavilions (awarded ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and ‘Travelers Choice’ by TripAdvisor two years in a row! Featured in Elle, Vogue, and Harpers Bazaar) is located on the outskirts of Marrakech. Practice yoga in the outdoor tented pavilion twice daily, and relax with afternoon meditations. Enjoy three amazing meals a day in the exotic Arabian dining tent, and sleep in style in the beautiful rooms that are fit for royalty. Excursions include a day trip to seaside town of Essaouira for some exploration and camel riding on the beach, belly dancing and dinner in town, trips to the market in Marrakech for shopping and sight-seeing, Moroccan cooking lesson at famed cooking school, an afternoon soak and scrub at the Hammam, and a rooftop henna party! Includes signature “Moroccan Rose” pedicure. Round-trip airport transport included.

The retreat is March 21 – March 28, check Cailins website for more info on her Morocco yoga retreat.

marocco yoga retreat

Saraswati day

On Saraswati day we went to Harsikas (dhammikas older daughter) school to look at her dance show. It was so exciting! We were told 48 different times that the show was going to start, Dhammika kept changing the time that we had to leave every time we asked. Finally we got there and I asked the principal if I could take some photos when the show was going to start. She said, yes yes, 30 minutes and give me a Sri Lankan nod on her head. Perfect. 3 hours later the show started, haha! So much Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3927

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3982

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4030

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3904

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4046

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4146

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4328

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4086

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4295

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4055

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4276

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4455

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_3951

This is Harsika ready for the show. So cute!

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4430

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4413

All in all it was a 15 min performance, the girls danced and the boys danced. It was hilariously fun to just be there as guests and watch the whole thing. Watching the mothers prepare their girls for 3 hours was even more exciting than the show it self. That was like the whole deal. They had so much jewelry and make up to put on their kids, there was no end to it.

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4969

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4921

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4692

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4443

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4777

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4646

We also got to listen to an amazing hindu celebration for Saraswati. The man that read the sanskrit did had an amazing voice and did it in one long rambling so it sounded like music. Such an amazing moment. To quote Cailin from her blog:

“Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. Of all the female deities, she is the one that I feel the closet connection to. Though they celebrate this day with lots of sweets, I was sure to keep the essence of the day in tact by dedicating my puja to her this evening. For me, Saraswati represents that so long as you know yourself, the river of life could take you anywhere and you will be fine. And this knowledge (the Vedas she holds in her bottom left hand) is only had through a dedicated practice (represented by the mala in her upper right hand). I love stepping into self-inquiry, and it’s illumination has helped me to go with the flow as the river of life twists and turns. Jai Saraswati!”

Read more on Cailins impressions of the day at

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4516

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4548

During the dance performance we got to sit on special VIP chairs in the front and it was a really big thing that we were there. Dhammika told us that the school was in need of money to build windows and divide the classrooms, at the moment the monsun rain right trough the school which pretty mich is just one normal sized classroom that all 100 pupils from grade 1-3 share. Apparently she also had told the principal that we were there to donate money.. After the dance show the principal was eager to hear our speech.. At this time we knew they really wanted us to help out with money for their school. Linn was the brave one of us that walked up and talked in front of the whole school and all the parents. She told them how thankful we where to be invited and to this amazing performance and that we would do our best to help the school. A tamil man was translating the whole thing so after she was finished it was quiet for a while, and when he came to the point about us + money to the school the whole room lifted! The principal and all the parents started laughing and cheering. Ops! Not feeling any pressure now, haha… Another day on Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4936

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5001

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_4942

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5040

It was a very special day and we’ll see what we can do to help this school which seems to be trying so hard to develop and keep a high standard. The shaka picture is on us + the principal who is a women, very nice to see!

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5036

This is a group picture with us and the other teachers plus the municipal school advisory.

Sri Lanka-charity-school-voluenteer-work-pottuvil-IMG_5030

Arugam Bay

A random mix of images from our stay in Arugam Bay. We like this place. It’s so different from the South Coast, in good and bad ways. It’s much more wild and undeveloped as the war was all over this place. Perfect sand bottom point breaks is tucked in between huge military areas so the place will hopefully stay pretty wild and undeveloped. We’ve seen elephants, water buffalos, peacocks and alls sorts of animals almost every day on our way to the surf! You can catch 1 minute peeling rides and then walk along the beach and jump in on the peak, on every single break! But since the waves are so greatly lined up they are also perfect for beginners, until there’s to many of them… So the line up is pretty full of beginners with little to no experience as the local surf schools are really bad at teaching the rules and etiquette behind surfing. They teach with a smile, most of the time, but they should read on a bit more.. The society is built around farming and fishing so the people that don’t work with the growing tourist industry are very poor. Many of them are super super nice but the community is a conservative muslim majority and we’re sad to say it but the feeling is different.. Linn were harassed all the time by local men and women don’t walk safe on their own. As a result the beach and the streets are full of men, and the women stay at home. We heard of two rapes of two 6yr old girls… They were raped and then killed down the road where we stayed, and both during our time here. It’s crazy when you think about it.

Either way we love the serenity, the scenery and the waves that Arugam bay offer. It’s absolutely amazing.

Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2662

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3718


Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_9293

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_9847

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_9850

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_2664



Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_2971

Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2859


Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-elephant-arugam bay

Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2709

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3778

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_5186

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3732

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_3757

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_0398

Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-IMG_0024

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3119



petter surf 2

Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2258


Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-DSC01993


Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3528

utum surf


Sri Lanka-Hikkaduwa-Midigama-Aragum Bay-Sunshinestories-surf-travel-blog-pedorsurfar


Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2729

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3632

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3619

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3669

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3665

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3659

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3633

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3683

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_3708

Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2654
Gestaltande fotoprojekt - IMG_2901


Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_2882

Sri Lanka-Arugam Bay-Surf-Offroad-Jeep-Safari-Surfari-Jungle-Adventure-IMG_2760

Rice & Curry

We’ve become good friends with a local family that lives next door to where we stay. Dhammika (the mum) runs a small home stay where Cailin stay. They’ve really taken Cailin in and it’s like her family now. We feel grateful to be part of it and we ‘ve been at her house for dinner almost every evening. She cooks amazing rice and curry for us. 

The other day I asked her to show me some of her kitchen secrets so I helped her out with the cooking. We made potato curry, dhal, carrot-coconut sambol, omelete and a cabbage curry. So thankful to get to learn how to make rice and curry like this.

We picked fresh curry leaves and herbs from the carden, made cocnout milk by picking and shredding a coconut directly from the palmtree in the garden and so on. I guess that’s why the tastes never will be the same when I make it back home. The spices where similar in almost every curry; fresh green chili, chilipowder, mustard seeds!, garlic, lime, tumeric powder, salt, pepper & curry powder of course. So the different currys pretty much takes the natural tastes of the main ingredient, potato, pumpkin etc.

So yummie!


Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-photo


Amma shreddin coconut for the carrot sambol.






Amma and the kids!

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5082

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5076

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5074

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5091



Awesome chipati from another great meal we had at Dhammikas..

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5053

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5069

Sri Lanka-sunshinestories-cooking-rice and curry-school-lesson-food-blog-IMG_5088

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset