We travelled the world in search of our dream life and landed on the magical island of Sri Lanka.
A place with extraordinary culture, nature and surf. Now we’re inviting you.

What is Sunshinestories Retreat?

An intimate and personal retreat designed with a lot of thought and love. The retreat consists of everything we love; Surf, yoga, & food. Sun, sea & salt. Adventures, good vibes & the sri lankan rythm of life. Sunshinestories is not only a surf camp, not only a yoga retreat but a whole experience

Imagine to wake up to the sound of chanting monks, to do yoga in the courtyard as it's getting light, and to catch your first waves in a magical Sri Lankan sunrise

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Our Story

Sunshinestories started as a travel blog by founders Petter & Linn, documenting their 3 year long journey around the world, searching for waves and the next adventure. The people they met turned into short stories, sunshinestories, stories of inspiring people living by the sea and following their dreams. The blog grew to be sponsored by brands as Billabong, GoPro and Bing Surfboards as the travels went on. Six years later the blog once again grew to something else, this time a real life concept where everyone is welcome to live their Sunshine Story.

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  • it’s not just a surf camp.
    it’s not just a yoga retreat.
    it’s a sunshinestories retreat.

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