a trip to paradise

It was raining in Hikkaduwa, the waves were non-excistent and I just had a bad day. Petter decided we should go on an adventure to cheer things up. We jumped on a bus and 40 minutes later we were in Thalpe. Now also know as paradise..

Our friends tipped us about Wijaya Beach Restaurant & Hotel. And oh boy, what a little dream! They even had Savanna Dry, the south african cider we drank all the time in Jbay but haven’t seen since..

If you’re around the island the 19 January you should come check out Thalpe and enjoy our friends at the Old Railway’s Fashion show! There’s gonna be a pop up store to, so worthy clothes! I love my dresses and everything is hand made with Sri Lankan fabrics!

Cristal clear.. There’s a big reef outside, protecting from waves coming in and making a natural pool.

Mhm.. Ginger & lemon cheesecake vs. chocolate brownie was a though choice. 1-1 I think, maybe need to try them both again to decide..

From rain to sun, from grumpy to happy in 40 minutes..

less hair – more good stuff

Here’s what I’ve done today, or well, both of us have actually made all of the things beneth, but Linns has doen a great job documenting it so I’m sharing it!

Started off to try and do some yoga by ourselfes, and we are so stoked that we have found the yoga. Really great to combine with surfing and travelling and just everything.

Our room might not the most pictureqse yoga location, where we acutally train yoga looks way better.

Went in to get the daily dose of waves.

Decided to cut my hair since it’s a pain in the ass, a good sign that it’s time.

Linn started off cutting, but it but no one really knew what or how to do.

So I did most of it by myself instead.

We went out with our new found old friends in the rain. Lucky to be in a country where a taxi, or well, a tuktuk, is half a dollar within the town.

Everybody squezzed in one three-wheeler, and everyone looking totally wasted after 3 beers.

The Sri Lankan version of Nachos with guacamole, Papadams with guacamole-cream! Pretty good.

Curries all over the table for 300 rupies each, that´s 15SEK or 2USD each.

They are tough with alcohol licenses to the restaurants on Sri Lanka, and you can’t have beer at our favourite curry place, so ofc we had to go to a german beer shack for more.

Another day in paradise!

Mellow days

I love that we brought Linn’s longboard here as well. It’s perfect for those small days when the italian shortboard mafia, the british shortboard mafia and the rude local shortboarders fight for the set wave which is half a fot bigger than the ones you we can catch with her longboard.

We just catch a few each, change from rolls of surfing or shooting the other, and catch a few more.


an afternoon in Galle

I think the nicest way to get to Galle is with the train. I love taking the trains on Sri Lanka, it’s so old school and you get to see alot.. Anyway, this day it rained (like so many other afternoons the past weeks). And when it rains the easiest way to get to Galle seems more fitting than the nicest; the express bus. It’s small mini buses that are more expensive to take than the bigger buses, but much more convinent. You just have to walk to the road and wave with your hand and they stop. 70 rupies and about 20 minutes to Galle from Hikkaduwa.

Our first stop is always the Old Railway Shop & Café just next to the bus station and the railway station. Runned by Catharine and Rasi who we met here our first time, two years ago. Now they have built a café on the second floor. Highly recomend it! They are #2 on TripAdvisors resurants in Galle. Try their “meal deals” and ice coffée and mango lassi.  Mhhm..

We went to a pharmacy to buy ayurvedic medicine, they had some problems with their AC…

Just a short walk away is the Galle Fort, and oh what it has changed the last two years.. From locals living in old houses to almost all being baught by foregniers who renovate them and make them in to small castles..

Fancy boutiqes opening up in every other corner..

We really like this one with old posters and maps. Couldn’t help buying a few with us home… They pack them safe for a flight  home if you ask!

But best of all shops is still the first one; Barefoot. The life work of Barbara Sansoni. They have a filial in Colombo too, check it out here.

The reason we came for was a female vocalist concert at the old Rampart Hotel.

We met up with Catharine and Rasi and people started to drop in.

Amazing Sophine Barker from Zero 7 performed, left me breathless.

So did this amazing girl: Cailin Callahan. When Catharine told us about a longboarding surfer girl who also sang and did yoga it rang a bell in my head.. And yes, we have met Cailin before, at Lombok in Indonesia like two years ago. The world is so small! She’s writing a very nice blog about her travels and life here; “Nose Walking and Trash Talking”.

It was a great night! Thank you everybody! Rasi called us a tuktuk and we had a fun ride home amog the stars and cows.