Sunshinestories - Travel / Surf Blog - Part 55


Monday 09/07/12 11:03 by Petter

After a night out in Båstad, celebrating the opening of the skatepark and then ending up at the nightclub Pepes with some fantastic people, our yesterday was… maybe the worst hangover day by so far! 35 celcius, and I had to work a few hours in a warm office before we both managed to sneak out to or favorite spot, take a swim, eat a hamburger and watch the sunset, it turned out to be the most beautiful evening this summer so far! Today I’m gonna do some work before I’m meeting up with my long lost Lotta.

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bali love

Friday 06/07/12 12:51 by Linn

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thursday insp.

Thursday 05/07/12 13:25 by Linn

Some days I wanna move to Mexico, somedays I’m fine being here in Sweden. Somedays I wanna get an apartment, quit living in a backpack, buy new pencils and start university. The next day I wanna browse the web for a flight ticket to paradise. In seven days we will get the admission replay from university.. Should we stay or should we go?

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more pura vida

Wednesday 04/07/12 10:38 by Linn

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a life in Costa Rica

Tuesday 03/07/12 15:16 by Linn

Once upon a time in Costa Rica life was all about waves, food, relaxing, food and waves. At first we didn’t plan to go to Costa Rica at all, we heard it was expensive, crowded, Americanized and so on.. And yes it was. But you can always make it to whatever you want! Even in Thailand you can find villages where they haven’t seen a “falang”. We got a ride with the land lord to the store where the Costa Rican locals bought their food and we bought what was cheap: fruits. We managed to rent a beautiful house that we got a really good deal on and when our hair began to look like hobo’s and we had no hairdresser in sight we cut each others hair. Simple as that! And then add some marshmallows..

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linn loves isabel

Monday 02/07/12 23:11 by Linn

Today is my best friends birthday, she’s turning 21. Happy birthday love!