yoga and brunsås

This weekend I got on a train heading north to spend som time with mum, dad and my sister. This is the first time I go home by train, I always drive because I go surfing while I’m home, have work to do or somehting else. It struck me how easy and convenient it is to just get on a train and get straight to Båstad beeing able to study or surf the internet meanwhile.

Not so many people on this side of Skåne, this time of the year at least..

Haha.. Svea got an iPad for christmas. And now she tried to convince me and my brother to go abroad next christmas as well, becuase then mum and dad could give her fancy presents as she would be the only child left. Smart kid!

Mum and Dad!

Tought them a few yoga moves I learned and had so many good laughes!

Took a walk with dad and went to check the sea-ice out, reaching all the way to the island.

On top of everything I also got to meet my grandmother! We ate a real swedish dinner with brunsås and everything, so good.

Good Old Mornings

Aside doing this blog and stuidyng Media here in Malmö we are also running a company together, freelancing with Digital Media & Online communication. One of our bigger projects is the communication of our family restaurant and it’s really fun using our skills to reach out and communicate with our guests, especially since many of them we only meet physically during the summer.

Doing this we have  been working together with a digital bureau in Malmö called Good Old. As their customers we got invited last friday to listen to Martin berg aka Dr.Berg who is one of their employees and a scientist in media presenting his three year science project regarding social media and what it really is, ending with few quick tips of what we should think of to take the communication with our buisnesses into the next year.

The morning lived up to it’s name, beeing a good morning. And it’s interesting, because all of this is what we have been reading on about in school the last few months + more of course. And we have also been to the Media Evolution city on an educational visit as students, as well as custmers to one of the bureaus there. That said, I am so stoked about my education in Media & Communication at Malmö university, and Linn about her’s in Information Architecture it’s spot on with what’s up in the branch giving us the hard earned theoretical behind it all.

Thanks for an interesting morning Good Old! And don’t forget to check them out if you want to see how a cool Digital Agency in Media Evolution City looks like.

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Chilling in the bed all morning with the dogs.

A desk that looks like h*ll.

A bit weird, but maybe best of all – cooking our own food again.