sunshine, palmtrees and close outs.


My mum was going to take me and my sister to Croatia. The trip was planned since long ago and we where all looking forward to it. When my mum got sick and we couldn’t go I of course felt bad for my mum but also freaked out for not getting a vacation. Since our mum is the best she called my aunt who have a holiday apartment in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. My sister, her friend Emma and I bought leftover seats on a charter flight flying from Copenhagen and two weeks later we were off!


Las Palmas is a city on the island Gran Canaria and also the capital of the archipelago Canary Islands. The islands are situated outside of Marrocos coast but belongs to Spain. Me and my sister has been coming here for many winters together with my mum. The neighboring  island Fuerteventura is where I first tried surfing. The waves are best in the winter but I took a chance and brought my longboard. Emma and Sunna wanted to learn surfing and we already had foam boards there.

We got messy, windy closeouts almost all week. Without a car our only choice was the beach breaks of Las Canteras, called La Cicer. Just a walk away from our apartment so we went there almost every day.


On the afternoons we were either sunbathing or talking a walk in the town. Las Palmas is a great city. More pictures to come!


EYE AM – Let kids change the way we see the world

“Todays media often creates an unfair picture of the lives of kids in developing countries – how they live and who they are. Poverty. No individuality. No creativity. But that’s a picture that is’t created by those who really know what it looks like. The kids themselves. Together with you, we’ll create a more realistic view of the world.

Every kid is a person with her own view of the world. Our goal is to give kids the opportunity to express themselves artistically as a passport to a better and more fulfilling life. As individuals. And we want the world to see it.”

Here’s were you come in to the picture. EYE AM needs help to raise the money  needed to buy the 20 sets of cameras and computers to make the three first photo workshops for kids in developing countries. They have set up an Indigogo site for the project and you’ll find it here. Donate what you feel you can spare and be a part of this!



The founders behind EYE AM (pronounced I am) is Sara Hansson and Jens Lennartsson.


Jens Lennartsson is the founder of EYE AM. He is a Swedish travel and lifestyle photographer. For almost ten years, he’s been doing commercial work and for an upcoming 30th birthday he felt it was time to give something back. By teaching his passion, he’s hoping to be able to make a change and help children around the world lead a more fulfilling life.

Sara Hansson is the concept developer and strategic fuel behind EYE AM. When Jens first introduced her to the idea of EYE AM, she saw a plethora of potential and possibilities within it. Sara has a background in creative marketing and is working as a social media marketing professional and a mentor. Art and creativity are her greatest passions in life.