Sunshinestories - Travel / Surf Blog - Part 57

Midsommar flashbacks

Saturday 23/06/12 18:46 by Linn

Spontanious midsummer celebration in Torekov…



the island

Thursday 21/06/12 16:10 by Petter

The day after Petters birthday the sun was shining and we figured that the best way to spend the day would be to go out to the island.


Chill days, Friends

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Wednesday 20/06/12 15:29 by Linn

California, Chill days, Friends

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indian laughter

Tuesday 19/06/12 23:46 by Linn

Sometimes when life is going in 180 km/hour and I don’t know what’s truth or just a dream I plug in one of numerous external hard drives to see what really did happen this past three years when my old class mates have been busy getting engaged, producing kids and get an education. And by just open one folder named “Edited” my heart slows down and I realize it wasn’t just a dream, I’ve actually been to India.

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gold on the ceiling

Monday 18/06/12 23:13 by Linn

Pics from Encinitas, California.

California, Chill days, Surfing & Longboarding


Bing at the Bu

Monday 18/06/12 10:21 by Linn

Our friends from Bing Surfboards playing around in Malibu. Jesse Hinkle, Mick Rodgers and Chris del Moro. Nice edit by Kyle Chambers!

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