Welcome to Sri Lanka

Our friends Linn and Johan arrived the other day. So happy to see the again! I spent many sweet days with them on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Johan was here on Sri Lanka 10 years ago, before the tsunami hit. Really interesting to hear what’s changed..

Most amazing sunset on our trip was on their first night!

After the sunset surf we went to Rita’s Restaurant and had some nice snapper.

My glasses are always on EVERYONE else but me.

Then the night continued at our hotel. That also happens to be the place to be if you wanna party on Fridays…

a trip to paradise

It was raining in Hikkaduwa, the waves were non-excistent and I just had a bad day. Petter decided we should go on an adventure to cheer things up. We jumped on a bus and 40 minutes later we were in Thalpe. Now also know as paradise..

Our friends tipped us about Wijaya Beach Restaurant & Hotel. And oh boy, what a little dream! They even had Savanna Dry, the south african cider we drank all the time in Jbay but haven’t seen since..

If you’re around the island the 19 January you should come check out Thalpe and enjoy our friends at the Old Railway’s Fashion show! There’s gonna be a pop up store to, so worthy clothes! I love my dresses and everything is hand made with Sri Lankan fabrics!

Cristal clear.. There’s a big reef outside, protecting from waves coming in and making a natural pool.

Mhm.. Ginger & lemon cheesecake vs. chocolate brownie was a though choice. 1-1 I think, maybe need to try them both again to decide..

From rain to sun, from grumpy to happy in 40 minutes..