the feeling..

..when you shut down the cumputer and walk out in real life. We spend A LOT of time infront our lap tops. This trip Petters macbook died a silent death and we have been sharing the ol’ white one from 2008. Back home when I shut down the lap top my dog always get up on her feet, cause she knows something is about to happen.
Now I’m the same! I burst out Jaij! Come on crazy tuktuk ride, waves, food, walk in the rain, whatever’s up I’m up for it.

stories from the sun

I don’t think we have ANY photos of the both of us in the water at the same time. Linn, our friend (not me), was kind to take some shots of us yesterday. Coming up later.

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Our friends Linn and Johan arrived the other day. So happy to see the again! I spent many sweet days with them on Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Johan was here on Sri Lanka 10 years ago, before the tsunami hit. Really interesting to hear what’s changed..

Most amazing sunset on our trip was on their first night!

After the sunset surf we went to Rita’s Restaurant and had some nice snapper.

My glasses are always on EVERYONE else but me.

Then the night continued at our hotel. That also happens to be the place to be if you wanna party on Fridays…