the darkness

In Mexico we met a man who jaw-dropped and burst out: “poor people, you’re from Sweden?! All you do in that dark country is to drink vodka and make babies”, when we told him we were Swedes. May not be completely true, even though I had too much vodka this weekend. But the fact that it’s dark from 15:30 pm until 08:30 am; 7 hours day  light, could make anyone depressed..  The snow makes it a bit lighter though and Petter actually surfed yesterday!  Despite that, we’re planning to escape this cold and dark country soon. Thank you for all your questions by the way, answers coming up soon.


Christmas feelings

It’s been snooowing a lot here and you can feel christmas is getting closer. In sweden we eat a special type of buns with saffran during christmas time. We call them lussebullar. As you know saffran is very expensive and a white christmas very rare even here. This year instagram is more popular then ever before so when the snow came everybody posted snow pictures, a couple of hours later the instagram feed was full of lussebullar. That says quite a lot how special they are for us. Of course we made a bunch as well! Best served with Glögg, another typical Christmas thing we have. It’s a type of wine made with different spices served hot with rasins and slices of almonds.


Our favorite veggie shop don’t care about the snow. Well you can se he is not happy, but at least he’s open!

We got the same winter jackets! They were just to comfortable for us not to, so now we look like twins or something..

The dogs loove the snow.