the great escape

The teardrop-shaped island falling from the southern tip of India, is best-known of its extraordinarily beautiful country and its southwest coast open to regular long distance SW swells and glassy conditions. See you soon.

Mitt Möllan

Flummig julmarknad i ett gammalt shoppingcenter mitt på möllan också heter, Mitt Möllan. Ett place som uppenbarligen haft sina glorydays för längesedan, men som nu väckts till liv i form av julmarknad av kreativa möllan people. Det känns som det kommer hända mer i denna lokal framöver. Bra start på dagen.

A funky christmas market in an old worn down shopping mall whose glory days where long gone but got brought back again for christmas by creative minds from around the block. A good start of the day.

snow x ocean

The forecast called us to the ocean and we didn’t let the constant fall off snow get between us and the surf. It just took a little longer to get there. We measured the day in time driving back home again. It took Alex, who lives furthest away a total of 17 hours to get in the water for 3 hours and catch waves enough for him to stand up for about 60 seconds. It was snowing for 24 hours and it was only light outside during 7 of these. In the end it is very little about the 60 seconds and so much about everything else, it gotta be.