What’s your image of paradise?

Ours is a stretch of white sanded beach, palms hanging over it, perfect temperature, not hot nor cold, a humidity that’s standable and a perfect a-frame breaking in the crystal clear water outside of our house. That’s Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. And that’s were we are right now, not only in our state of mind, but geographically also.

The funny thing is that when i named this post to paradise there was another post already named paradise, so this got named paradise-2 automatically. The other paradise post is a post about the exact same thing, from this very same island. Only that it’s another spot, and we made the post two years ago on our first visit. Haha, I think I at least are very certain of my picture of paradise..

going south

We didn’t quite have time to plan this ahead, and arriving 4 at night in hectic Colombo we were lucky enough to book a pickup and a room at a beach hotel close to the airport while in the air! Haha. Today we got in one sketchy ride heading south towards one of our favourite beaches, at least it was two years ago, a lot can happen in time…

from one day to another

It’s pretty amazing how easy you can go somewhere in just a few hours, in a practical way, but also if you just let yourself to get away a little. We found some good tickets, and 3 days later we are now sitting on a beautiful beach with our feet in the sand. We even got complimentary champagne on our flight! Haha have you ever had that? Gotta love Qatar Airways! If you’re looking for good and cheap tickets, you should check them out.

the great escape

The teardrop-shaped island falling from the southern tip of India, is best-known of its extraordinarily beautiful country and its southwest coast open to regular long distance SW swells and glassy conditions. See you soon.