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Happy new year! Internet been so slow that it has been impossible to upload our resumé of 2012.. Coming up soon though! When it’s quiet here on the blog it might be some action on our instagrams: Linn: @linnklara petter: @pettertoremalm

The British colony

We have been eating breakfast at this hotel which the British pretty much have colonized just as they colonized Sri Lanka back in the days. It’s a pretty fun scene to watch. Today the british boy crew rented twinfin NSP’s (don’t ask my why they don’t rent out boards with 3 fins here) and went to try their luck in the waves with their wifes standing on a row in the water each one taking photos of the guys doing their thing. Can you imagine we had some good laughs on the beach?!

Ps. Just to clarify, we don’t intend to harass the guys by making this post. As a surfer the most important thing is having fun. By laughing at each other and ourselves making both fun fails and good waves we have loads of fun from our first wave to surfing for the title like the pros in the world tour.


The swell is getting smaller and the crowds bigger.. But Hikkaduwa is a party place and if you’re up with the sun there’s very few guys out. I’m an early bird and yesterday I caught both waves and coconuts before the party-people had even open their eyes. So happy that I could bring my longboard with me this time. We’re flying with Qatar Airlines and they charge nada up to 3 meters and 10 kgs. I love small babywaves and my 9’1 is the perfect companion. Now I just want to learn how to walk to the noose..

happy birthday mum!

Today is my mum’s birthday! Single mother to four kids.. Both me and my sister are diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, so is my mom. Growing up wasn’t easy all the time. I was even in a wheelchair for a year. Even though she herself was sick she fought for our rights in school, took us to various physiotherapists and raised us with the spirit that nothing is impossible. She even put us in surf school! So thank you mum and happy birthday, without you I would never get the strength to follow my dreams and travel the world. Thank you for teaching me that everything is possible!