Let’s party

Met up with my classmates and went to a spritfest before stearing our course towards the soul night at Moriska Paviljonen. Great to catch up with everyone again and thank’s for a fun evening! The jetlag hit me hard towards the end and I wandered home in the dark, luckily we live just around the corner from  Moriskan. Yeij.

home, sweet home?

Home, cold home. It’s sure a big contrast to the island life on Sri Lanka. But sweet too and in our apartment it’s warm and quite cosy. Nothing is as sweet as the first breakfast after some time away frome home. It’s also funny what some distance can do to your home.. We been living here for 4 months and before we left we were almost blind to all those things we said we should do.. Put up photos, that black board and clock in the kitchen and so on so oon.. Now we got some new energy to fix things like that.