According to our stats 50 % of you readers live in a country that’s not named Sweden.. Do you know of Spotify? It’s a program for streaming music. I love it. My dad too, he streams it from his computer, via his music system and records his playlists to pure old school cassette tapes.. Here’s my favorite music right now. Perfect for packing (8 days to go), working, road trippin etc. Do you have a favorite playlist? Please share it in a comment!

18 August

I’m like a child when it comes to birthdays.. I love it! I almost get to over excited.. Petter thinks I’m crazy. This year I could behave from not sneak peek and go hunting for presents, maybe it comes with the age, turning 22 feels mature. Or maybe it was because I got so celebrated last week! This weekend I had some quality time with my family. Mum came home from Spain and we went down to my brothers in Malmö. My niece Line and I are both born on August 18! We happily share birthdays and cakes together. Check out the three little pics further down, they’re from our soon-to-be-apartment.. So stoked. Now I got fever and the nastiest cough ever.. Thank you family for being so awesome and thank you for all the birthday gifts!