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Here’s our list of friends livin the dream, some of them we know little, some more, and some are here just because they are awesome.

Isabel Boltenstern is Linn’s best friend. They don’t meet each other for months every year, but still their brains & bodies are totally synced about everything. When they meet they chat like they have been together every day for their whole life.. Isabel is like the third wheel in our relationship, studies journalism in Stockholm and run a great humoristic photoblog in Swedish.

Quality Peoples is the brand of Ed Fladung, he makes super dope t-shirts in LA, lives in Mexico, surf all days when he doesn’t shoot or work on new art for the next collection of clotes. His clothingbrand is also a blog where you can find a lots and lots of inspiration.

The goodwin project is probably the radest project we’ve ever come across. They are making a film with an unwritten manus, a whole film team follow “the perfect” family who travel around the world. They are looking to find their roots, the meaning of life, they are surfing the coolest locations in the world, the mother is giving birth during the filming, she surf’s two, great longboarder and as we’ll as they are making a film of the whole 13 month trip they also continuously blog super awesome photos.. Probably the best lifestyle photos we’ve seen.


Jonas peterson is the world’s best wedding photarapher.. Period. We have read his blogs since he wasn’t even a photographer. He has taken wedding photography in to a different era and is actually starting to get recognized for through out the world. Simply Am-az-ing photos!

Louise is a swedish girl living in London, she writes fun, fun, fun stuff in English when she doesn’t work in Apple Store London.

Sofie lundberg is Lousie big sister living in New York. They look so similar, almost like they are twins, one in London and the other one in New York. Sofie study fashion, at FIT. Do you hear what im telling you, living in NYC and studing fashion, that’s a dream of many and her blog is all about it.

Mette Ottosson is our personal photography teacher. It started out when we both took a class with her on our last year in school, she got us both hooked to photography and then me & Linn fell in love. Mette had just opened her blog when we finished school, we opened ours, started traveling and since then she has still been our teacher, and we her students. Mette is an amazing photographer who have taught us a lot! Her blog is great and she do most of her shoots in and around where we life, so  if you are into wedding’s, check it out!

Terra d’agua  is a sailing couple who seems so fun and humble. They are out in the nature enjoying every moment and just started surfing & kitesurfing actually! They do great with their camera but aren’t as good at updating, probably not easy to upload those great shots from their sattelite internet system i guess. We have actually got invited to sail the world with them whenever we feel for it, wouldn’t that be cool?!

Mangolandia is another sailing couple, yes there’s plenty of them! These guys work as graphic designers, on the go, on the boat, with their whole world as their office. Now that’s and alternative lifestyle and with their great environmental philosophy they have taken working and living to a new level. Not so many photos but if you are in it for the reading they’re great!

Nordic Surfers Mag is a Swedish magazine and the and the best magazine in the world to feature cold water surfing. Surfing at home, in Sweden is a totally different lifestyle and so far from surfing in a warm country. But surfing in remote, wierd places where people don’t even know what surfing is, in mud and snow and storm winds is pretty awesome. It has gotten so popular so that the lineups are actually starting to get crowded.. Matthew Turries is the creator, he’s a great artist and produce an amazing looking magazine every third month as well as updating the web as an online magazine. You find surf reports from every nordic country, every one in it’s own language cuz we can kind of talk to each other up here. Vikings you know.. No palms trees here.

A beautiful living is the home decor blog of Amelia. She is the female part of a photography couple that works together.

Lotta is Linns old old old friend. And her half brothers half sisters half sister.. She is living her dream studiying in the states and not anything but neuroscience, dunno what that means but she’s experimenting with rat´s and how their brains work in school and stuff.. One of those smart-heads you know.. She’s together with Oliver Lauridsen, a professional hockey player playing in NHL for XX . He drives a humvee, is the biggest guy i have ever met and recognized across the hockey world as “the great dane”.

The Selby take photos of creative individuals in their homes. I don´t get how can he find all these people and know they have amazing homes?! This is the modern, online and unstatic version of a home decor magazine.

Surfsverige is the place to talk about Swedish surfing as well as discussing dreams about warmer waves. It’s the swedish surf forum uniting all of us idiots trying to surf up in the north, we probably spend more time on this site than in the water..

Chrille Rask is Rythm´s rep in France, he’s a Swedish dude and has a cool blog about his life down there on Still x Living.

 Artic Surf is a blog about, artic surfing.. The philisophy goes pretty much like this, at some point, all the warm, easy accessible, comfortable surfable waves ,will be crowded. So at some point surfers will have to start searching for waves on places more remote and isolated. There are tons of good waves on places where people would never think about going.. Artic surfing is about the search.. They post, maps, google earth images, photos of empty waves, huge snowy mountains behind, geography theories and a lot of wierd stuff. Even if surfing these waves is something totally different, it’s still about the same thing. The search..

Seea babes is the blog of Amanda Chinchelli, the designer behind the amazing Seea swimsuits. behind the scenes pictures of the collections and inspirations to DIY.

Restaurang Malmö är vår egen guide till Malmös restauranger. Här kan du läsa om de trendigaste & mest spännande restaurangerna i Malmö. Vi besökte och recenserade nyligen chez madame i malmö till exempel!


Feel4Nature is a German travel blog by a guy with a beard. Christian is fellow a photographer/web designer/blogger that value individuality and freedom, and therefor travel the world. Enough said? Check his blog out.



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