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groupuk sessions

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had more sessions then we can remember on this perfect little righthander in the middle of a huge bay.. waaaah it was fun. this one with our friend (aka dad ) vic who we also were surfing with on sri lanka a few months earlier. so cool to catch up again!

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Bali, Lombok

life is a beach


life is a beach is the title of idus & robins blog . and thats pretty much what our life is at the moment, one of many huge and totally empty paradise beaches we drove past on our first day on lombok. some of the photos below are idus & robins.

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lombok attempt nr 2


Jag har hittat den finaste longboarden på Bali! Och köpt den, aaah! Petter har köpt en kortboard och vi är sugna på en månads surf till. Våra kompisar Ida och Robin här och vi hyr en bil tillsammans. I morgon bitti ger vi oss av mot grannön Lombok, vi har hört rykten om dåligt internet

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Bali, Lombok

Tsunami bali


Hey just wanna tell you all that we are safe in the mountains waiting for the tsunami to hit, if it will hit the westcoast of Bali we are not really sure, no one here is even the little scared when we mention anything about a tsunami but they seem to not even know what

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