a case of juice hysteria


I had been looking for a second hand juicer for a while, I figured it seemed to be a thing people bought used once and then never used it again.. I wasn’t sure I was gonna like it either so I didn’t wanna spend a lot of money on it. But then the local supermercado Ica did a campaign and sold juicers for a really good price. We could’t resist. So we bought it and that’s something we definitely don’t regret.


I’m not exaggerating when I say we’ve been juicing every day! Our model is called Viva Collection HR1855/30, from  Philips. This is actually our second juicer since the first broke, so the quality isn’t super. But it’s easy to clean and works good.


So what juice do we do? I tend to do the same, almost, with some variations. Petter is the one going crazy with the flavors. This book by Renée Voltaire is on my wish list. Here’s our favorites so far:

Linn’s favorite:

1,5 cm of ginger

4-5 apples

3 oranges

4 carrots

Sometimes I do plain carrot juice or plain apple juice. It’s season for those goodies now. Ecological is the best ones of course.  After watching “the grandpa of juicing” on you tube I did one with cabbage, broccoli, green salad and some other goodies. But holy apples, that cabbage made my stomach hurt!

Petter’s favorites:




He has also been doing watermelon juice, with and without the peel!

Do you have a good juice you think we have to try? Please share it in the comments 🙂


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  • I think its a great season for pumpkin juices , you can also mix it up with some carrots and oranges. And if you’re ready for something extra healthy and don’t mind the taste , add celery to your mixes. (I think the root is better than the stem!) I don’t know how your juicer works (what remains from the vegetables you squeeze the juice out of) , but I hope you know, you can make delicious pancakes from the leftovers of the vegetables, especially if you squeeze carrot and pumpkin juices , its already a tasty mass , just add some spices (an egg if you’re not certain that it will stick together) , best of luck

  • Underbart ju! Jag själv köpte en jucie press, går endast att ha apelsin, blodapelsin, grapefrukt mfl. Men ångrar inte köpet!!

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