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rocket burgers – galle fort

Rocket Burgers in Galle Fort got the best burgers on the island. It’s a small shack and not really a cosy environment, the best table is on the balcony but it’s too hot to eat there during the day. BUT their burgers make up for it.


Petter goes for the Gringo or the Lighthouse if he’s really hungry. I go for the veggie burger or the fish burger. Can recommend them both. Their fries are the best!! I miss a good milkeshake to make it top notch… But their homemade ice teas are quite good.


We come here quite often. If we’re surfing in the area, got some errands in town or when the need for a burger just is too big! This day we went with our new friends Brooke and her brother Thomas.



We took a stroll in the fort.



Before we headed to the obligatory sundowner at Wijaya Beach. Mojitos and a dip to wash away the city dust. Perfect ending.




  • Hej,
    Ville bara berätta att oj vad glad jag blev när jag hittade denna bloggen. TOPPEN BLOGG!
    Magiska bilder och väldigt inspirerande. 🙂

    Blir nyfiken på hur ni har fixat allt ekonomisk.
    Jobbar ni där eller hur får ni ekonomin att fungera/gå runt?
    Skulle nämligen själv via göra något liknande! 🙂

    Med vänlig hälsning
    Dani från Malmö!

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