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Awesome korean food @ Sandra’s

The craziest thing ever happened.. We have met a person outside of Sweden who knows about Petter’s birth place, the village Torekov in Sweden! It’s tiny with less than 1000 inhabitants. Her name is Sandra and she has even been there! Our second day here in Encinitas she invited us for dinner. And what a dinner she cooked! It’s the first time we tried korean food and we loved it. Then we all sat down on her heated mat (thinking about importing them to Sweden..) and watched Dear & Yonder. Thank you for a great evening!

4 responses to “Awesome korean food @ Sandra’s”

  1. rad photos! i loved having you over and can’t wait to go back to torekov and bastad 🙂 can’t believe petter knew some of the guys in the robes haaa.
    we missed surfing with you today.
    happy and safe travels!
    xo sandra

  2. Thank you so much for having us!! Was so fun! Yeah, bring Margaret and come to Torekov! Thank you for some great days in Encinitas, lots of love!

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