going to the market

We needed an ATM and with the closest one an hour away we we’re lucky to join Cat & Kristy who were going in to town. They needed to do some shopping for their upcoming surf retreat and get some spear parts for their beetle. After running in and out looking for things in one store they said they hand in next store we sat down for some of the best fish tacos we ever had! If you ever in Zihuatenejo you have to eat at the La Sirena Gorda; The Fat Mermaid. Then we went to the market and found the strawberry man! I said I liked his necklace and he gave it to me as protection, after boiling it three times it’s now my luck charm. Next up was the super market, I love super markets abroad. As a perfect ending of the day Kristy made us our first real american grilled cheese sandwiches!



  • Åh tack snällaste Linn! Ska försöka ha allt det där i åtanke nästa gång. Min kamera är ny och enligt många ska den klara ett högt ISO men tycker ändå inte om att använda det för mycket. Ska försöka ändra vitbalans etc och se. Antar att det bara är att prova sig fram.

    Och ja! En photosession i Torekov i sommar hade varit riktigt kul, få lära mig lite av proffsen 😉

    Hälsa Petter!

  • Bing, thank you! BUt you noticing how frequent I use that dress made me buy some new ones. Hope you’re gonna like them too!

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