Mexico, Restaurants


From a beach to a mountain town 2200 meter above the sea level, talk about culture chock. We got to San Cristobal de la Casas with a night bus from Huatolco and the first thing we did was to take a taxi to the restaurant Tierra’Dentro. Just the taxi part was a little mission and for the first time in Mexico we had to struggle to bring our boards in the cab, not strange maybe considering most people here in the mountians have never seen a surf board before, maybe not even the ocean. But we made it! And Tierra’Dentro’s breakfast was well worth it. We have started to to this, take a cab to a restaurant instead of a hotel from the Lonely Planet book. This way you can eat, be happy and then let one of you sit with the backpacks while the other one can go and find an awesome place to stay.

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